How Well Do You Really Know About Your Art History?

Get to know your Art history and start embracing a deep respect for our creative culture. In giving thanks to the Grand-masters of the Arts and acknowledging several talented artists of this era, I have put together a collection of artworks from across the globe. This written content gives credit to Ricardo Marcedo and the image source you can find […]

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The Best Guest Blogging Site For Fast & Easy Publishing

Welcome to AX Publisher also known as Art Xtedia. We are the best guest blogging site for inspiring the creative mind in business. Showcasing a variety of beautiful art and publishing great content that you will love and value. Here you can subscribe, contribute or simply be part of a great community. Submit your creative blogs and let our subscribers and […]

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Here’s How To Solve Ridiculous Problems As A Professional Artist

The problems artist have very often goes unnoticed and viewed as unimportant unlike other profession. Starting out not long ago as a visual artist, although I found it creatively very fulfilling, I did face these challenges myself and sometimes still do. There were many artistic discoveries that helped me find my true self and when it came to my network, […]

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