USB Business Cards For Brand Marketing

USB business cards

Devices like the new USB Business Cards or flash drives have now become a popular marketing trend for visual artists and designers everywhere. As many are working hard to build a name and reputation, they have scaled their creative business to positioning themselves on these innovative gadgets. There has been no better pairing of art and technology like having your […]

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How To Solve 7 Common Artistic Problems

problems artist have

The problems artist have very often goes unnoticed and viewed as unimportant unlike other profession. Starting out not long ago as a visual artist, although I found it creatively very fulfilling, I did face these challenges myself and sometimes still do. There were many artistic discoveries that helped me find my true self and when it came to my network, […]

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Legal Matters – Guide For The Professional Artist

Legal Matters Artist Guide

Legal Matters Artist Guide is your easy and simple guide to everything you need to know about branding, copyrights and gallery submissions of your artwork. Arts law is a very unique niche in the realm of the law. Art is indeed a great part of the society and is classified as what makes us human. Art not only plays several […]

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