How Well Do You Really Know About Your Art History?

Get to know your Art history and start embracing a deep respect for our creative culture. In giving thanks to the Grand-masters of the Arts and acknowledging several talented artists of this era, I have put together a collection of artworks from across the globe. This written content gives credit to Ricardo Marcedo and the image source you can find […]

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How The Sharing Economy Benefits You and Everyone

The sharing economy or collaborative economy connects you the consumer with other individuals who can offer a product or service. In short, you are supporting and buying from small businesses. It is powered by the internet and new technology that allow buyers and sellers or lenders and borrowers to digitally connect with one another. When you think of shared economy […]

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The Best Guest Blogging Site For Fast & Easy Publishing

Welcome to AX Publisher formerly known as Art Xtedia. We are the best guest blogging site for inspiring the creative mind in business. Showcasing a variety of beautiful art and publishing great content that you will love and value. Here you can subscribe, contribute or simply be part of a great community. Submit your creative blogs and let our subscribers and […]

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