How To Choose The Right Colours and Paint Like A Professional

Interior painting colours made easy by an Artist.

The great thing about being somewhat a ‘colour expert’, is that we see and understand colours more than what it is on the surface. Getting to know colours is very important as they have a great influence on your mood and makes a great impression on your guest. Start with an idea of what you are inspiring to achieve and work your way through each individual rooms and decide if you are going to blend the elements or have each room play out a different story. Colours are all about bringing life to an environment so choose from the thousands of colour options available when shopping for paint and always seek the expert advice of your friendly colour consultants and sales people. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, you can always approach designing schools and request for their students or interns. They will be eager to assist with fresh new ideas and usually come with a fraction of the cost or even offer to help for free on their uni project.



When setting up your space what do you consider as the easiest option to cleaning up and tidying up? Do you use a bucket of soap and water or do you chuck everything in the bin? When using the right cleaning agent, you will prolong your brush life span so that it is not an additional cost on your next d.i.y.

Colour mixing is a great way to cut cost as combining two shades can give you a completely different feel for your next room. If you have three areas you want to work with then it will be much more cost effective to get creative and combine the two remaining paint!

In my new eBook, Interior Painting Colours, e talk about everything you need to understand when choosing the right shades and hues for your interior walls. It is a well layed out book that is very easy to follow and can be used for anyone that wants to get their hands on d.i.y interior painting or understand what to look for when hiring a professional painter. Learn the tricks and tips to painting your walls and how to avoid common problems like mildew, peeling, chalking and many other issues that will arise and need to be remedied.



Inside these pages, you will see the different variation of colour tones from the colour wheel charts and you will get to know your, analogous from monochromatic shades, understand colour variations and complementing undertones that go well in your living rooms, bedrooms and other areas. It also offers readers an insight into what to expect when starting out on a project and to prepare you from mixing your colours and choosing the right themes in your home. Compare your best options when choosing the right brands in the manufacturer’s page that also emphasises on all your local and international labels and the types of paints they carry. Get to know from Nippon’s art IPS+Odour-less platform to Martha Stewart Signature Collection on Sherwin-Williams Paint

Once you start learning about colours and how to identify their variations, how to paint your interior walls like a pro, how to avoid common problems and equip yourself with correct gear and tools, it will be easier to do it every year when redecorating and you only need to learn these steps in the beginning and as you become more in tune with your colour preference you will be able to show off your skills at dinner talks. A few themes that are popular today are your sleek and minimalist look, bohemian styles and many others depending on your personal touch. So enjoy painting and I hope your walls will reflect the best in you by the end of your new project.


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