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Written by happy bloggers and smart elephants. Our magazine is about all things creative and lifestyle related. Our service revolves around publishing and promoting talented writers, hobbyist, creative businesses and visual artists. Meanwhile our online store AX Lifestyle delivers a wide range of home decor, gift ideas and art supplies made just for you.


We are more than a magazine or blog site, we are here to showcase you and the creative people who will inspire your life. It is fast and easy to submit your blog or artwork so when you are on AX Publisher, you will be able to register and post your content for free or upgrade to a editorial paid option. And for subscribers, there are several categories you can browse in Business, Lifestyle and Art & Craft. If you love art then you will definitely enjoy our online gallery.


Alhough we are an Australian based platform, our audience are global and diverse. There is a sense of unity and oneness within our creative community and with everyone's combined energy, our message will hopefully eradicate many of the world's outdated mindset. We value kindness and a helpful spirit so get engaged in the comment section and leave us your words of wisdom. Thank you and while you're still awake please share our contents.

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Hi there! Thank you for dropping by :) My name is Julie Rekha, I'm a visual artist and blogger. During my creative journey I built AX Publisher and AX Lifestyle.


My platform helps you to showcase and publish blogs and articles. I have also the great fortune to have discovered a fantastic affiliate marketing system that resonates with my values. Click on it to see how you can become an online marketer with a system that is 90% automated and couches you for the remaining 10%.


If you are curious about what we do and how we can help you become the best version of yourself please feel free to visit either our magazine or affiliate couching program. And for anything home and lifestyle related products you can always have the best time doing some retail therapy at our online store.

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