Meet Our Exhibiting Artists Leora Borgenicht and Flavia Julius

Meet Our Exhibiting Artists Leora Borgenicht and Flavia Julius. Tell us about your artistic journey?. “I have enjoyed painting since childhood, it allows you to freely experiment and provides a medium through which you can empty you mind. The experience of reflecting an imagined concept on the canvas in front of you can be very liberating and rewarding. When leading a busy life, painting offers me an outlet to purge what is on my mind. My art is intended to touch you somehow – when others understand and appreciate my work, they are connecting with a piece of my mind”.

Leora, UK

“Being raised in the UK and having lived in three continents, my art has evolved over this time from still art, to surreal and abstract art. Originally being drawn to conceptual art, my fascination lies the brilliant way of conveying an artist’s message simply and poetically. I have taken art courses, but believe that there is no correct way to create art as is such an individual experience”.

What inspire you to create? “All my paintings are very different from one another, as I draw inspiration from so many different things. When I visit new places, I love capturing the experience on a canvas. I also enjoy the poetry of metaphoric pieces and will try and express certain views using different mediums on my canvas. For example, my painting, Black Feathers, is about believing in our individual strengths and abilities, and knowing when to use them. Though each of my paintings reflects on something personal to me, if it brings up something different for you, go with it – I am glad that you have connected with it.”

View Black Feathers at our exhibition

Flavia Julius

Flavia, Brazil.

When did you discover your artistic journey? “It started more than twenty years ago, when I took private lessons in Brazil. After moving to Sydney twelve years ago, I fell in love with Aboriginal art and since then pointillism (dot painting) has been my main signature style. My paintings are hugely inspired by Brazilian culture and you will notice that my creations have quite a bit of texture!”.

What keeps you going with your art? “It inspires me when my viewers see my artworks as strong and powerful pieces, with fantastic energy, because that’s how I paint, thinking of great vibes and amazing outcomes. I fully appreciate and respect the hard part of life, and I paint thinking I am here to try to make things better – either by making people feel good looking at my art, as well as by contributing to society and to charity through my work”.

“The artwork exhibiting with Art Xtedia is a representation of Brazilian Carnival, which for me is a time of exhilaration, happiness, a bit (or lots!) of craziness, crowds, euphoria, dance until you drop, freedom, powerful drums, colours, time standing still: for four days you feel like nothing else matters but to fully enjoy Carnival. It might sound a bit like “put your head in the sand to this planet’s issues”, however we have to live life fully, and Carnival is perfect for that. When the event finishes, it’s time to worry, work, whatever again. But when Carnival is happening, it’s a dream coming true, and that’s the energy I would like to pass through my “Carnival” painting”.

Exhibiting piece at Art Xtedia event

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