Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

Value of art

Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017 Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017. Meet our team of expert artisans this festive season at our first ever Chinese New Year showcase from the 27th – 12th February. We have put together some of our finest art pieces for your collection and viewing pleasure. Come join this art lovers community and […]

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Essential Oil For Creative Energy and Staying Focused In An Activity

Essential Oil For Creative Energy

Essential oils for creative energy is something every person should have to help you become more focused in your activities. Have you ever felt that sometimes there seems to be an empty canvas just staring back at you or you are holding your keypad and going through your thought processes but an idea is no where to be found? The […]

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How To Manage Your Creative Business

Brazilian artist

Managing your creative business is never as easy as you like it to be, but if you are planning on getting started, the time is now. If you are creative, talented and organized, then you are well away to a good start. You have probably seen many talented artists struggling to manage their business but this could be due to lack of proper planning and scheduling […]

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The Magic of Christmas begins at HOME this season in Australia

The Magic of Christmas begins at HOME this season and we’re naturally rushing around the shopping malls, trawling through the internet and driving ourselves crazy with the relentless search to find the perfect gift for our loved ones… And as the big day draws nearer, we begin to think about our beloved guests arriving with gifts, food, wine and Christmas […]

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Colour Personality Experts Reveal What It Really Says About You

Colour Personality Experts

Colour personality experts in the field of colour science have researched and concluded over time that your favorite colour says a lot about who you really are in terms of your character and outlook in life. Feelings and emotions can also be influenced by what we see and prefer to wear or have in our surroundings. Are you a vibrant […]

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