Here’s How To Solve Ridiculous Problems As A Professional Artist

The problems artist have very often goes unnoticed and viewed as unimportant unlike other profession. Starting out not long ago as a visual artist, although I found it creatively very fulfilling, I did face these challenges myself and sometimes still do. There were many artistic discoveries that helped me find my true self and when it came to my network, […]

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Mrinal Dutt Is India’s Very Own Top Artist Telling Stories In His Latest Series – Divinity

Meet Mrinal Dutt a great artist from India embracing the creativity of traditional and modernization with a twist. Born in Ahemadabad,India, as an engineer he believes in giving equal justice to both fields. Dutt is a rising star and a well-known Artist who specializes in mixed media. Like many great talents, Mrinal is a self-taught artist and his inspiration comes […]

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Coloring-In Design Books for Grown Ups with Mandala Artist Tanja Louise

Coloring-In Design Books are specially designed to help you creatively express yourself. It is no longer only a child’s play but has been found to be greatly supporting grown-ups too. So when you are feeling stressed or anxious, get that Coloring-In Design Books and embrace your inner Picasso! There are so many factors that can lead to stress and anxiety; even […]

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