How to Save Money With These Simple Yet Effective Home Upgrades

Home upgrades and improvements are crucial at some point in your life as a homeowner. Old furniture and appliances are getting damaged, flooring and windows need to be changed.

But renovating your home does not always have to include tons of your money. If you’re willing to dedicate some time to do certain home improvements, you can increase the value of your property and keep your money in the bank account at the same time.

Add Eco-friendly insulation flooring

If you want a soft, warm and easy-to-clean surface, you can choose cork flooring. The material is acquired by stripping the outer bark from the cork oak tree. This is not harming the tree, as it can be done to a particular tree every 9 years. The trees live for up to 200 years.

The cork pieces are cured, pressed and boiled. Scraps are collected for reuse, so nothing is wasted. Cork can be used in almost any place of your home. It’s fire-resistant, long lasting and it’s naturally resistant to mold and termites. Cork flooring does not affect negatively the indoor air quality. It’s also a natural thermal and sound insulator, which makes the room naturally warm and quiet. It’s a great addition to your bedroom, the beautiful, natural brown colors can complement every interior design.


Install a ceiling fan

In the summer, ceiling fans cool the room by creating breezes and improve the air condition. This way they can reduce the need for using air conditioners in the summer. In winter, they can circulate the hot air around the room and keep it warm for a longer time. They’re not only energy-efficient but also a great addition to your home decor as they come in different colors and shapes.


Replace old windows with bigger ones

If your old windows need to be changed, why not consider replacing them with bigger ones? Let the natural sunlight in your room. This way, you will save money on lighting costs and your room will appeal cozier and brighter. The sunlight can warm up the room inside on this transitioning months when it’s not too cold like in the spring and autumn.


Install shutter blinds

Installing shutter blinds will instantly improve the look of your house. They can be interior and exterior types to fit your personal needs. These blinds are easy to install and will give you the benefit to control when to be opened so they can provide you with privacy and insulation. Closing them during the hot summer days will save you from the cooling bills since it will prevent the UV light flowing in your home. Exterior blinds can decrease the heat loss during the cold winter months. These blinds can be great insulation and addition to your interior design.

Repurpose old items & furniture

Don’t hurry tossing out the items you no longer need. Doesn’t matter if it’s an old jar, chair or wooden shelves, there are plenty of DIY projects out there you can find inspirational. So don’t rush throwing out the plant pot, light bulbs or the broken cabinet door, find an idea online to make your home unique and save some cash. I love this collection with great ideas from Apartment Therapy where you can find what to do with old jars, how to repurpose storage boxes and much more.

Install This Grade A “Healing Water”

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Installing a water filter in your sink can save you tons of money every day from the expensive water bottles. This is a great way to save the environment – if you stop buying plastic water bottles you will save tons of plastic as well as your money.

Follow this LINK to watch a video presentation then email us for more info on how you can get your own healing water for the entire family at an affordable rate and possibly leverage an income simply by referring to friends and family. Our grade A Japanese technology water system, also has the popular Hot Spring Water supply to install in the shower.

Install dishwasher

A study shows that automatic dishwasher uses less water than humans scrubbing the dishes with soap and water. Modern dishwashers use an extensive setup of filters and pumps that reuse water during the whole cleaning process. They use clean water at the first and the final rinse of the dishes. The water is heated for maximum cleaning effect. If you install one in your kitchen you will save from your bill and from your time. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to wash dishes every night, so why not consider buying a dishwasher and saving your time for more pleasant activities.


Fix dripping faucets

Broken faucets waste water and cost a lot of money. Check for leaking faucets in both bathroom and kitchen regularly to be sure you’re not wasting resources. While you’re listening to the drops dripping down you’re wasting water and money. If you can’t do it yourself call a plumber, but be sure to fix that dripping faucet.

Upgrade the light bulbs

Switch to energy-efficient lighting to brighten your home using the same amount of light for less money. You can change the light bulbs in your home to energy-efficient ones to save money. Traditional lighting uses a lot of energy to produce light. Needless to say, the yellow light is not that healthier for you as well. You have many choices in using white lighting, which is also saving energy. The most popular are fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diodes (LED). They are more expensive but in long-term save a lot more money than the regular ones.

Cut the clothes dryer

You can use a folding drying rack or a clothesline instead of the electric dryer to save electricity and money. Hanging indoors can be a great way to add humidity to the room in the winter when the air is dry and cold.

Most of these projects are easy enough to do them on your own. If you’re not sure whether you have the right skills, you can always call a professional company to do the jobs on your behalf. Knowing when to cut money and when to afford more expensive and qualitative appliances is crucial for your home.

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Do you have some tips on how you can save from electricity and improve your home at the same time? Share them in the comments below!

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