The Future of Art – Where Are We Headed At Present?

The future of art can be seen in contrast stages of its evolution and in past decades, it used to be really traditional, from the basic application of tools and resources; to how it is being sold with most dependence on brick and mortar location sales. In the past you would have to sweat out for days to put together your art-piece – and then spend more other days carrying such project to find the right gallery or art collector to bargain a deal with. While that era also made many art millionaires, the current art stage is making more millionaires and the most anticipated future of art will make things more simplified.

The first generation of artisans around the globe has actually evolved to being grownups with regards to internet adaptability. This is a generation that presently sums up as almost half of the globe’s population, and whose voices/works are only now starting to be heard andn recognized.

With the persistence of our past art society, we can anticipate that the effect of the current and impact of the future arts, most especially in view of the development in the creative arts, will be colossal in modeling the life style and attitudes of our society – as we look forward to the next century.

Recognizing the potential impact of such advancement in our nearest future, we can fully comprehend the artist’s role in shaping such emergent future.

Let’s note that the more we are able to hold on to the values of our ecosystem in terms of individualism and relation to our world, and the more we are likely to view which ways they are evolving, the more we will clasp the emerging values of our future art society and its system.

Black Feathers by Leora Borgenicht



We can agree that – other things being equal – and with reference to various comments from other prominent artists around the globe, we can — the future of art looks pretty good and really exciting to us.

“Technology will make things much easier, and then marketing creative works would be like a flash”. One minute you are done drawing, the other minute you have made a great sale via the World Wide Web, and you have money in the bank! It can’t be easier and better than this!


Curators and Consultants


Art curators are specialists that have an eye and passion for staging art projects in ways that motivates and strikes interest in an art exhibition. The role involves multi-tasking, and demands being accountable for jobs like museum’s collection, art exhibition organizing, research, and writing essays among others.

These experts are very significant in the role of shaping the future of art in this context. We at Art Xtedia believe that the true curator is no doubt the artist themselves however if there were to be an ideal curator we would recommend hiring one who is also an artist and truly understand the soul and work of the showcase piece.

Most art projects require the services of one or several art consultants. Technically, the role of the art consultant is to make sure that the artistic quality of any art job is top notch. An art consultant must have related professional backgrounds in the arts field.

With such important part to play; these experts also are very significant in their role for shaping the future of art in this regards!

How is the modern way of online business helping an artist make money easier?

With social media platforms and the opportunities it provides artiste in a wide range, more and more artistes are now seriously making money – easier. There are also various art websites developed for artistes to share and sell their jobs online.

Artist now find it easier to create their art works, duplicate them via 3D technology, post them thru social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and then build an audience around such project niche.

Simply being highly and creatively engaged online and using the right mediums will help you make more money than ever, as it is being said that “todays’ gallery is todays’ social media networks for artists”.

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