10 Smart Floor Trends That Add Value to Your Home

If you are planning on having new flooring at home, it’s important to hire expert services for professional hardwood flooring installation.

Since there are different type of flooring for different areas of your home such as the kitchen and bathroom, you also need different types of flooring.

Many home owners give a lot of attention to the living room flooring and pay less attention to other areas. Here are our 10 tips on having a balanced layout for the entire home.

Trend#1: Large Tiles

Tiles are a great flooring choice for your home. It not only adds a contemporary look to your the otherwise boring and dingy living room but can also endure heavy traffic.

Large tiles have made a massive comeback and are slowly gaining popularity among household owners. Nowadays, you can find many designs and texture of rectangular tiles in the market. Their standard measurement are 25 x 49 inches.

Trend#2: Wood Flooring

Wood flooring not only adds beauty to your home but also increases its value. They look good with any type of décor and theme.

Wood tiles are easy to clean, have healthy indoor quality and is a great long term investment. Wooden floors are extremely durable and easy to remove tough stains.

You can find many varieties such as bamboo, maple, walnut, cherry, pine, hickory, and rosewood.

If you are planning to lay LBP vinyl plank hardwood flooring in your home, then it is best to hire professionals.

Trend#3: Green Spaces

Go green and lay renewable and sustainable materials for your home floor. Materials like bamboo, cork and engineered wood are environmental floor choices.

Not only they look fabulous in your home but these natural resources regenerate quickly and are good for environment.

Trend#4: Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are slowly gaining popularity among masses and people are installing it in their kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallways.

Not only do they look great but are extremely durable and long lasting. These tiles are designed to withstand external pressure and heavyweight.

Moreover, they are highly resistant to fire unlike hardwood flooring and they are also easy to clean.

Trend#5: Texture

The biggest trend right now is texture because people want floors with personality and charm.

In the market, you can find different types of flooring materials that are heavily textured. For instance, wood, vinyl, and laminated floors.

Distressing, wire brushing, hand scraping, and knots are some of the techniques also used on these type of floors.

Trend#6: Carpeting

Carpets are undoubtedly a stapled floor choice in almost every home. This year you can find the wider option of color, textures, styles, and patterns in carpets.

You can choose from different carpet options like wool, nylon, polyester, olefin, Persian, oriental, antique and acrylic carpets.

They are the best floor choice for cold regions as they provide thermal insulation and resistance.

Nowadays, they are being made with materials like corn sugar and have antibacterial properties.

Trend#7: Vinyl Tiles

LBP Vinyl Plank Hardwood Flooring

it is no doubt that a luxury vinyl is a great update and the best thing about it is that they are waterproof.

They are versatile for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and can cover many parts of the interior.

If you have children and pets, then vinyl tiles are the best flooring choice due to its smooth surface for easy cleaning.

They are good to maintain and are also less expensive than many other flooring options.

Laminate Flooring Services

Trend#8: Ceramic Tiles

Glazed, water and stain resistance ceramic tiles are great flooring options. They don’t chip or crack easily plus they give a luxury feel to the area.

If well maintained, they can last for up to 100 years. Stains, liquids, and dirt can be easily wiped or mopped away without using heavy industry solutions.

Trend#9: Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are the best option for bathrooms, lobby and doorways as they are highly resistant to mold, mildew, and stains.

It can also be used as a backsplash in these areas. They come in a variety of color, textures, designs, style, and themes like glass mosaic tiles, brick design, forest theme and more.

Trend#10: Mosaics

Mosaic floors look great in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom. They add a POP look and appeal to many young people.

Mosaic tiles are not only beautiful to look at but are scratch and slip resistant. They don’t require vigorously cleaning on a daily basis.

If you prefer, go for subway tiles, black or white checks and chevron patterns in Mosaic tiles.

Here in Alpharetta GA they are not only affordable but also employ excellent workmanship for your flooring projects.

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