The 8 Creative Careers That Pays You Well

The 8 Creative Careers That Pay You Well

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You may have been told not to quit your day job, but if you’re passionate, creative and hardworking you can turn a creative passion into a career. It doesn’t mean you have to live below the poverty line either because many creative careers pay well. While most careers require some creative thought, there are some jobs where creativity is integral to the role.

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1. Set Designer

Do you dream of working on the sets of blockbuster movies? It’s not impossible because jobs in the film industry are becoming more common. A career in the entertainment industry is recession-proof, exciting and the pay is good. Set design is one of many careers where you can pursue a behind-the-scenes job in film, theatre and television. A Set Designer is responsible for the research, design, and supervision of the construction of sets and scenery, costumes and all the visual aids required in stage, film and television productions.

• Create sketches, to scale models, plans, and working drawings.
• Design sets and props, while adhering to budgetary restrictions.
• Supervise construction and art professionals in matters relating to designs for sets
• Advise on other technical production requirements which affect set design, such as lighting

Personal Attributes
• Artistic ability
• Creative personality
• Practical and artistic skills
• Excellent communication skills

Education and Training
Skills can also be gained on the job through extensive experience in the industry. However, completing a qualification in design, visual arts, live production and management or scenic and set construction is the best way to start.

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2. Contemporary Chef

There are many creative careers out there, but if you have a love of food, a creative flair and like to please people, you really can’t go past a career as a chef. You’ll be able to flex your creative culinary skills in the kitchen to experiment and create dishes that delight the senses – sight, smell, and taste!

• Ensure quality and availability of produce and ingredients
• Supervise, train and coordinate staff of cooks and food preparation employees
• Create and plan recipes and design presentation of food
• Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas for cleanliness and functionality
• Manage, monitor and maintain safe food practices and workplace health and safety

Personal Attributes
• Creative ability
• Organised
• Leadership skills
• Physical stamina
• Handle high-pressure environment

Education and Training
You may be able to gain your education and training on the job, because many chefs learn their skills through work experience or an apprenticeship. Others receive training at private training organisations, technical colleges or culinary arts school.===

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3. Digital Copywriter (Content Writer)

Digital copywriters produce written content for web pages to engage, motivate or educate an online audience. You’ll need creative abilities in writing to create content that is innovative and is able to incorporate a message simultaneously.

• Plan content marketing strategies
• Research content writing projects
• Write content for an audience
• Edit and proofread content
• Use digital marketing strategies to write for SEO optimisation

Personal Attributes
• Creative writing ability
• Excellent communication skills
• Research and analytical skills
• Organisation
• Attention to detail

Education and Training
You can gain an introduction to digital copywriting through one of the online courses available, such as those offered by Australian Online Courses. You can also search online for e-books and blogs that will give you tips on getting started.

4. Photo Stylist

A Photo Stylist works on a shoot with a photographer, usually for magazines but also other publications – including online editions – to create a theme, mood or tone for a story. You’ll need to flex your creative muscle as you will be in charge of props, lighting, and colour scheme to create a feeling for an editorial feature or publication.

• Collecting materials and props for a shoot
• Arranging objects and props on set
• Setting up lighting and special effects
• Maintain database of images taken on a shoot for online or catalogue

Personal Attributes
• Creative ability and imagination
• Organisation skills
• Attention to detail
• Able to handle a high-pressure environment
• Communication and teamwork skills
• Budget management skills

Education and Training
An art or design background or degree is helpful, but the majority of training is largely self-taught and requires building a portfolio.

5. Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in publishing, advertising, public relations and film and television production industries. They create the overall design and manage people who develop artwork or layouts.

• Concept creation
• Manage and select photographs, art, and design elements
• Develop the look of publication, advertising or sets for film and television production
• Manage staff in design, photography and graphics departments
• Liaise with clients to develop artistic style
• Coordinate with other creative departments
• Manage and maintain budgetary requirements

Personal Attributes
• Artistic and creative ability
• Excellent communication skills
• Leadership
• Time management skills

Education and Training
Art Directors may begin their careers as graphic artists, set designers or as fine artists or photographers. They may begin these careers via tertiary qualifications, such as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

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6. Make-Up Artist / Body Painting

Make-up artists apply make-up and style hair for people appearing on camera or in front of an audience. They often work in the entertainment industries but may also work as independent contractors for events or as personal assistants.

• Research and design make-up techniques and hairstyles
• Work to production designers’ brief
• Styling hair
• Use special effects make-up
• Making notes and taking reference photographs
• Onset hair and makeup
• Make-up removal
• Maintain wigs and hairpieces

Personal Attributes
• Creative ability
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills
• Attention to detail
• Concentration

Education and Training
Make-up artists can gain skills through studying at vocational training colleges and through on the job experience in the industry. You can gain an introduction to make up artistry via a short, online course such as Introduction to Make Up by Australian Online Courses.

7. Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing managers oversee the promotion of a business, service, product or brand. Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, marketing managers may oversee an entire line of products and services or be focused on just one. They may also be in charge of a staff of marketing assistants.

• Plan digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising.
• Maintain social media presence across digital channels.
• Measurand report on the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Personal Attributes
• Creative ability
• Innovative
• Adaptability
• Teamwork
• Business and tech savvy
• Professional development skill

Education and Training
Tertiary qualifications in marketing and digital marketing are expected. If you have a marketing degree, you can study a professional development course in digital and social media marketing to move into the digital industry.

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8. Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers are specialised graphic designers with animation skills that enable them to create computer-based movies and presentations. They use powerful software programmes to create graphics and animations for websites, film and television, advertisements and computer games.

• Creating multimedia products
• Creating digital images for animation
• Transferring audio/video files to be edited and manipulated digitally
• Creating artwork to be used in video games
• Creating animated sequences using computer software

Personal Attributes
• Visual communication
• Creative abilities
• Attention to detail
• Organisation
• Teamwork
• Professional-development skills

Education and Training
Relevant school subjects include Graphic Design, Art and Design, IT/Computer Studies, Design and Technology and Science.




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