8 Ways to Lift Your Spirit & Increase Your Vibration

8 Ways to Lift Your Spirit & Increase Your Vibration


“We can feel our vibration when we focus and tune in on what is happening around us, as everything is made up of energy vibrating.

All things vibrate at different frequencies including every one of us…” Jill Healy-Quintard

We are made up of different energy levels and these are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and each have their own vibration, which have both high and low frequencies.

These are in us and all around us. When your vibration is low you feel low and find being positive difficult.

Once you are aware of this it is simply a matter of changing your situation and that is not so difficult when you understand the tools to help.

Your thoughts and feelings are creating a lower frequency it is worth working on them to lift your vibration.

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You might be feeling that money no longer flows easily, a relationship is not as fulfilling as it once was, you don’t feel well or the people around you are dragging you down.

This will produce a low vibration even if others around you see you as someone with ‘it all’.

On the other hand when your vibration is high there is a sense of living in the flow.

You suddenly meet inspiring people, you feel fit and well and full of optimism, your love life improves along with your bank balance.

Like energy attracts like energy, so once you learn the tools to lift your vibration you will find that you will attract more positive people, work will flow, you will motivate people to join ‘your tribe’ and more opportunities will appear as it seems from no-where.

How do we raise our vibration? Here are few simple tools to do just that and you will notice the difference almost immediately.

8 ways to raise your vibration

1. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.
Did you know that every thought you have or the way you feel becomes your reality?

If every day you think “I am so unlucky, no-one will join my classes, workshops or buy my App etc” this is exactly what will happen but on the other hand when you change those thoughts for the positive, your reality is likely to become positive too.

I know you will be saying (or thinking) that is easier said than done, but right now when a negative though comes into your head, hear it, acknowledge it and let it pass and then turn that thought to the positive version immediately and see what happens. It works!

2. Look right now and see something beautiful and enjoy it.
We have so much beauty around us, but we often don’t see it.

Look around and you will always see something beautiful, such as a flower, an animal, a person, a style etc. and yet so often we walk around without seeing the beauty.

Stop rushing for a moment and just take a moment to appreciate and enjoy what you see. Feel your vibration rise.

3. Be aware of the foods you eat.
We are so lucky to live in a time and place where fabulous food abounds.

High vibrational foods such as blueberries, green leafy vegetables, lettuces, kale, sprouts, fresh herbs, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, blue green algae, broccoli and quality organic (if possible) produce in season will flow through your body creating positive vibrations.

Experiment and notice how different foods make your body feel.

Fast, fatty food such as McDonalds have only negative vibrations and a very low frequency.

4. Drink plenty of water.
Make sure you drink plenty of water and filtered if possible.

This will help your body to flush out toxicity daily.

High toxicity impacts hugely on your vibration and blocks the flow of energy throughout your body.

5. Meditate.
Lie or sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath in and out through your nose.

Take a long inhale and long exhale at least 3 times and feel your body relax.

This will help relieve anxiety and stress with has a very low vibration.

If possible do 10 minutes of Yoga Nidra a day.

Just 10 minutes a day can change your life completely with less stress, positive productivity and higher vibration.


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6. Being grateful daily.
Writing down one (or more) words of gratitude daily will shift your vibrations from thinking what ‘I don’t have’ to bringing abundance into your life.

I have turned to gratitude often when feeling negative and I find many of my little notes and books over the years and realise that every time I have practised gratitude that my vibration becomes positive and my negativity has gone.

I begin again to attract the right energy and flow throughout my body, which also flows over to all around me.

7. Practice random acts of kindness.
When you give to someone and don’t expect anything in return, wonderful things happen.

Simple examples such as stopping at a crossing and smile, letting someone in or out in heavy traffic feels good and begins to have a noticeable lift in your vibration.

Treating someone badly or gossiping negatively will lower your vibration immediately.

We have so many ways of just being nice that will raise our vibrations.

8. Get your blood pumping and dance.
My favourite. If I don’t move my body daily my vibration becomes low.

I am lucky that I do this as a job, but all I know who come to my classes with a droopy face and begin to move it takes 10-15 minutes to pump up the endorphins and lift the body and the mind.

Enjoy lifting Your Vibrations, it is worth it!

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Jill Healy-Quintard is the creator and principle coach of Body and Balance Fitness. Jill is passionate about Human Movement and helping people lead fitter, stronger, happier and longer lives.


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