How To Activate Your Yin & Yang Energy

Activate Yin Yang Energy with Meditation and Feel The Difference

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Start to activate your Yin Yang energy now with meditation and experience the transformation right away! This unique style of meditation is well known for making you feel centered and balance very much like an atom which is the central building block of all matter. It tends to strive in the direction of balancing positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges together. Where atom cannot attain balance within its own structure, it quickly formulates clusters that will help maintain required balance with other atoms and molecules.

This further goes to mean and reveal that even at the most basic level, the world we all live in seeks to maintain balance. Life is typically much about maintaining balance within the natural environment! Humans cannot be excused from this imposing cosmic interplay! Though – we are not completely, however we do let ourselves get exempted from balance than it is healthy at most times.

It is within such background and instances, that it becomes imperative for everyone to come back into harmony and balance, by identifying such areas that could be becoming polarized.

Everyone can systematically re-establish balance thru Yin Yang Meditation exercises!

Generally, stress and illness are clear facts to show that someone may be out of life’s balance. All life forms are governed by the chemistry of 2 dynamic forces recognized in traditional Chinese medicine as yin and yang.

Yin represents the negative force, while yang the positive force. It is known that yin is feminine, and yang masculine. Also that yin is passive, while yang active. These 2 dynamic forces are clearly opposite but yet very complementary, never equal, however relates together in harmony.

It is seen that one of these will always be ascending while the other descending. The yin/yang as a symbol of its own is a great expression of this relationship. While they are differing, yin and yang will never be able to exist independently.

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So at the point where the yin and yang of a person’s body is in disharmony, it becomes comparable to trying to ride a bicycle with the spokes of the wheel lacking short on one side and the other side long. In this scenario, the pivot is out of center and then the ride gets very bumpy. If the rider keeps on riding for long, soon he or she will have a broken wheel or bike. It is compared to the human body, as once it continues in disharmony for so long as the cited bike riding, illness becomes imminent.

Yin yang meditation can help you get your balance back as it helps to activate your creative energy for nourishing and to nurture yourself. The yin can also be seen as the deeply intuitive emotional side of your personality which longs to express itself in creative ways, while the yang is the thinking, managing, strategic planning part which helps in analyzing and building structures.

Yin Yang meditation will help provide you the following benefits:

  • A robust sense of self-worth.
    • Better inner peace and minimized anxiety.
    • Awareness of higher purpose in life.
    • A stronger mind’s eye with better intuition.
    • Feeling of wholeness and fulfillment.
    • Heightened creativity.
    • Among endless benefits.
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Art by Mrinal Dutt, India

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