Using Ai in Social Media Analytics to Beat Competition

Using Ai in Social Media Analytics to Beat The Competition

Ai in social media

If you are a digital marketer, then you may be familiar with the power of social media and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (Ai). 

Ai in social media has now reached the stage where it has begun to transform the world of digital marketing.

To be a successful online marketer, you must keep updated with the latest trends and the influence these have over consumers. 

Social media plays a huge part in digital marketing. This cannot be ignored especially in this modern age.

Many people are glued to social networking sites and apps, for both personal and professional reasons.

According to a report by Statista, there will be around 2.77 billion social media users by the end of 2019. Further, the number will surpass the 3 billion mark by 2021.

On the other hand, the more users there are, the more uses experts will find for Ai. It is the technology that has an impact on almost everything today.

Any businesses that don’t leverage the power of Ai in social media will also risk missing out on many growth opportunities in this era of digital transformation.

Role of AI in social media

To create a social media strategy that will drive success, you need to understand your audience. You need to find out what is working for you and what’s not.

You need to know how your competitors are doing too. What strategies are proving successful for them? What practices should you follow to engage people?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now Instagram are the major social media platforms of today on which digital marketers rely.

Since there are around 3 billion accounts, a massive amount of data is generated every second.

This data is mostly unstructured and difficult to analyse. You can’t gain proper and actionable insights from this ocean of data.

Here comes the role of Ai.

Ai can help you understand actions, past, present and future behviour. It can also analyse the changing preferences of social media users over time.

It can streamline processes to make things work efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Ai can assist in making ground-breaking strategies that are most likely to perform and thus, guarantee success.

There are numerous services and tools out there which are based on Ai. These can be used to gain insights from billions of posts on social media.

These tools can help you understand your audience and rivals and encourage you to make the right strategy.

Social media listening

There is a massive amount of available data out there. Ai in social media can identify and assess what people are saying about your company, website, products or services.

This process is called social media listening.

You can track the posts and tweets which talk about your brand or its services.

Social media listening can also be helpful in identifying what people are saying about an industry and related technologies.

It can be set to search and report on specific keywords and phrases.

Using the data gathered, you can effectively communicate with the audience and personalise your tone specifically for every user.

There may be users who may have issues with your services and are tweeting about it. You can easily find them and provide some much-needed assistance.

Ai can be a great enabler of social media listening. It can automatically track and report insights and notify you whenever anything important is said about your company or industry.

Competitor analysis

There are most likely many competitors and big players in your industry that could well be performing better than you.

Ai in social mediaOur web development India analyses high competition for our clients and we recommend using this analysis to beat your competition.

There are Ai tools that can provide actionable insights about your competitors and other major players in your industry.

You can therefore get an understanding of everything and learn about new opportunities.

This can be a big advantage for you, because you will find out about the things that are working positively for others in your niche. Then you can customise your plans and strategies accordingly.

Optimising social media content

Once you are done with analysing the audience and your competitors, it is time to optimise the content and share the best posts on social media that can make a difference.

You have to share a combination of text, image and video on your timeline. Visual content appeals to many people more than mere text.

Ai can help you to choose suitable visual content by sharing the performance of different kinds of photos on specific social media platforms.

You can then prioritise the content and make the most out of it on all social media profiles.

Creating optimised content

Further, Ai in social media can also be used to create optimised content for specific platforms that can be shared for better engagements.

For example, the ideal image dimensions for every social platform are different. 1200630px for Facebook posts and 1024512px for Tweets etc.

Ai tools can automatically do it for you.

The technology can also analyse the trending and relevant hashtags related to your company and industry on all platforms.

This means that you can use them in posts for maximum impressions and extended reach. It can take content marketing to a new level.

Chat bots and virtual assistants

Another key role that Ai plays in social media analytics is creating automated content for end users. This is done using chat bots and virtual assistants.

These are becoming the norm nowadays as more and more businesses have started using them.

Customers will find them not only on social media platforms but also on websites.

These chat bots and virtual assistants gain insights from visitors and help you learn what people are actually looking for.

You can then enhance your services accordingly to serve them better.


By implementing Ai in social media platforms, you will gain a number of benefits. You will have access to in-depth user activity and engagement, your competitors’ performance and what you can do to beat the competition.

With the help of Ai in social media, you can analyse data and insights, focus on creating quality content and share it at the right time with the right audience.

Ai in social media

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