How To Place Art For Good Feng Shui

How To Place Art For Good Feng Shui

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Everybody wants their home to have a positive energy associated with it but not everyone knows how best to achieve this.

The ancient art of Feng shui is one such way to bring positive energy to your home and thus to your life.

It sounds complicated but it’s really just the clever use of home and garden decor to promote good vibes and balance in your life.

Artworks are an easy way to dress up your home and if you know where to hang them based on Feng shui then you too can achieve harmonious balance in your home.

What is Feng shui?

1.Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice begun over 3,000 years ago. Its purpose is to bring together the energy of yourself with the energy of your home.

Once these are in balance the elements of your life will follow suit.

2.Feng literally means ‘wind’ and Shui literally translates to ‘water’. Both of these elements are traditionally believed to bring good health and therefore Feng shui became known as a practice that provided good fortune.

3.There are five main elements that are at play in Feng shui, which we will discuss later on. The other important keyword in Feng shui is ‘chi’ – the energy flow of the universe.

4.Good chi is manifested when you have a balance of yin and yang, as well as harmony between the five elements.

5.There are many Feng shui professionals practising the art and if you require assistance in multiple areas of your home then finding one to help is the best option.

6.However, the basic principles of the practice are easy enough to grasp and hanging art around the home is a great way to try increasing your fortune.

Understanding the elements

The ancient feng shui masters discovered five vital elements to promote positive chi. These are:

  1. Wood
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Water

1.Each of these elements interact and the presence of more than one will either strengthen or weaken their partner. For example, wood is an essential ingredient to creating fire.

2.If you have a room that could use some boosted fire energy (such as the bedroom) then hanging fire element artworks in a wooden frame will bolster the fire chi’s effects. Or on the other hand, water puts out a fire.

3.If you have a water feature in the southern area of your home – which traditionally calls for fire elements – then its presence will weaken your fire chi.

4.Again adding in more fire elements and some wood elements will balance out the water’s weakening effects.

It may sound complicated now but once you know how the elements interact it really is quite simple.

Wood supports Fire but destroys Earth

Fire supports Earth but destroys Metal

Earth supports Metal but destroys Water

Metal supports Water but destroys Wood

Water supports Wood but destroys Fire


5.All you need to do is look for the element your home/room requires and either build it up with supporting elements, or if there’s an out of balance element then simply weaken this with a destroying one.

The elements and colour

1.Of course you can take the elements literally and decorate with wooden frames for wood, water fountains for water, fireplaces for fire and so on.

2.However, each element is associated with a range of colours which means you can boost its chi with any kind of art you desire.

Wood: green and dark brown

Fire: red, bright yellow, orange, pink and purple

Earth: pastel tones; pale yellow, sand, light brown

Metal: gray and white

Water: blue and black

Understanding the directions


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3.Each of these vital elements have a corresponding zone of either your entire home, or the wall of a particular room, where they should be placed to flourish.

4.In order to find these zones you should consult a Bagua Map. But for this article we’ve done the hard work for you, so here’s a simple guide to understanding the directions.


North Zone/Wall

  • Related to career and success
  • Use water elements for positive chi


East Zone/Wall

  • Related to health and family
  • Never leave it empty! This will result in loneliness and frequent ailments
  • Use wood elements for positive chi
  • The best place to hang family portraits


South Zone/Wall

  • Related to rank and reputation
  • Use fire elements for positive chi


West Zone/Wall

  • Related to creativity
  • Use metal elements for positive chi
  • Any artwork that inspires you creatively is ideal here


The line between heaven and earth


art for feng shui

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels


5.There is one more thing to note before you get to hanging your artworks. The placement of your artwork on the wall has just as much importance as what you are actually hanging.

6.For positive Feng Shui it is vital that there is a clear line between heaven and earth. A well defined line acts as an anchor for your body and soul between heaven above us and the earth below our feet.

7. Remove clutter from the front of the home as it also makes sense that your entry should be a clear and easy flowing space when you step inside.

8.To achieve a strong line between heaven and earth you should hang all your artworks so that the centre of the artwork falls at your eye level. They should also be hung in line with each other, if more than one on a wall.

9.This will create a symmetrical line and bolster your chi so that it floats around the room rather than too close to either heaven or earth.

Tips for hanging Art at home

The best way to decide where and how to hang your artworks is to lay a bagua map of your home and find out which direction each room falls under. .

However, there are some main rooms in your home for which a particular element or feature will be most beneficial.


1. The Feng shui of your entryway is highly important as it provides the first energy impression of your home – to yourself and others.

2.Make sure that the colours and materials for your front door are in harmony with the direction it faces and its corresponding element.

3. For example, east facing homes benefit from a wooden door while western entryways should incorporate metal.

4. Avoid hanging mirrors directly opposite your front door as they rebound the positive energy back into the atmosphere.

5. Instead, hang a colourful artwork that complements the direction/element you need boosted at your entryway.

Living room
1. The living room is typically considered a family space. Therefore it’s best served by decor that calls upon the family oriented wood element.
2. Rectangular shapes and the colours green or brown are good choices. More literally, any art involving forestry and landscapes is going to help boost the wood element here.

1. The fire element inspires passion, love and warmth. It is the perfect choice for bedroom art as it nourishes your sexual energy and romance.

2. Decorate with reds, oranges and royal purple to nourish the fire energy of your bedroom.

3. If you are seeking a relationship, or need greater harmony with your current partner, then focus on artwork that depicts pairs.

4.These could be pairs of people, plants or matching objects. Steer clear of artworks with a singular focus as these will result in an abundance of single energy flowing into your romantic zone.

Bonus Tip: Your bed is the most important feature of your bedroom for promoting good Feng shui.

5. Beds that do not have a headboard are considered bad Feng shui as there is no solid foundation for you to lean against and leaves you feeling exposed and insecure.

6. A wood, metal or padded headboard are the best choices to bring solid, secure energy to your bedroom and thus allow you to relax into sleep.


art for feng shui

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

Home Office
1. Your home office space should focus on bringing powerful chi to your career. To achieve this decorate with water elements such as mirrors and water themed wall art.
2. Using metal in conjunction with water will serve to boost positive chi for your career. A large mirror with a metal frame, preferably on the northern wall of your home office, is going to bring all the elements and zones into perfect balance.

At first glance Feng shui can seem complicated and scary. But once you have a greater understanding of the basic principles it couldn’t be easier to apply them to your home.

Artworks are a great way to boost whichever element is lacking in your home and can be changed whenever you feel a different type of chi is needed in any room.

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