What is Your Art Personality? Let’s Find Out More About You

An Art Personality, which one are you?

Have you ever thought that the type of art you like is most likely resembling your personality? Everything around creation is a form of art in itself and those who are gifted to express this, create paintings.

The way you see an art work may be very much different from how the next person views it. How each person views any of these art forms – says so much about their personality. As a lover of art, what does your art preference say about you? What does your color preference also say about you?

If you are attracted to white color, this has a symbolic representation of pureness, innocence and naiveté. It also could indicate a desire for perfection and a desire for the simple life.

Red represents strength, health, and vitality, and is usually of a personality type that is outgoing, likely aggressive, energetic and impulsive!

Those who love PINK, this could symbolize love and affection. Ladies who prefer this color tend to be motherly. Their personality type requires affection!


art personality

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Orange represents luxury and pleasure, while Yellow for happiness, wisdom and for the mentally adventurous!

Green represents harmony and balance and is most loved by those who are seen to be gentle and sincere.

Blue connotes a personality type that’s soothing, compassionate and caring and its lovers like to be admired for their stable character and wisdom. These people tend to be also seen as faithful!

And then Gray represents the color of caution and compromise! Black tends to represent the appearance of mystery suggesting hidden depths and inward longings.

People who love abstract art are seen to be the personality types that have deep insights and deep creative imagination and then also overly reserved. The theory behind abstract art states that art should be purely about the creation of beautiful effects, and then that art can be expressed as music and created with pure patterns of form, color and line.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato did mention that the highest form of beauty should not lie within the forms of the real world but in geometry. It is said to represent the spiritual, hence its lovers are seen to be more deeply spiritually inclined. If that’s your style of art, then you may also be seen as one with certain virtues such as orderliness, transparency, simplicity and spirituality.


art personality

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And then Pop Art is one of the most “common” art movements of the Contemporary Age. This form of art was introduced as a revolt against the Abstract Expressionists which were seen to be somewhat conceited and over-intense. This art originates its style from the visual undertakings and pleasures of individuals: TV, magazines and comics. This means that pop art lovers are seen to be more vibrant, open and fun loving.


art personality


What about other forms of art that is your art personality type?

Impressionism: Impressionist painters methodically renew painting themes to ideally picture their modern-day world! Lovers of this kind of art are known to be outgoing, and prefer to be blunt in matters – as they see and say things as they are. The Impressionist aims at representing his or her environment’s reality which is germane only at one moment and under specific conditions. Simply – the more agreeable and responsible personality types prefer impressionism as revealed by studies.

Folks who are inclined to new experiences are less to be expected to enjoy looking at realistic paintings. These sets prefer to go for things more atypical and challenging.

Cubism: Studies have also revealed that individuals who loved cubism kind of art happen to be the much younger folks who have extroverted personalities.

Furthermore, folks who are extroverts and well open to experience usually prefer surrealist paintings!

Conservative individuals usually are better inclined to prefer traditional arts!

And then still arts which represent symbolism tend to be loved by a personality type that is inclined to be deeply rooted in realism and also seen as spiritual.Find out which one are you by clicking on our art gallery and seeing yourself in our paintings!

art personality

Art by Sheila Tan

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