What is Your Art Personality? Let's Find Out!

Do You Know Your Art Personality Type?

Did you know that the type of art you like, can in a lot of ways indicate your personality? This concept  is derived from a term called art therapy which has its roots in psychoanalysis

The act of creating something is a form of art in itself. Those who can create a work of art have a gift. This gift covers painting, making music, designing something or writing.

The way you see an artwork could be very different from how anyone else views it. How each person sees any art form says so much about their personality.

As a lover of art, what does your art personality say about you? What does your colour preference tell the world about you?

If you prefer the colour WHITE, this has a symbolic representation of pureness, innocence and naiveté.
It could also indicate a desire for perfection and a preference for a simple life.

RED represents strength, health, and vitality. This choice usually indicates an art personality type that is outgoing, energetic, and impulsive but may also be aggressive.

For those who love PINK, this colour symbolizes love and affection. Ladies who prefer this colour tend to be motherly and like being appreciated.


art personality

Blush by Julie J

ORANGE represents luxury and pleasure, while YELLOW is for happiness and wisdom. It shows someone who is mentally adventurous.

GREEN represents harmony and balance and is most loved by those seen as gentle and sincere.

BLUE denotes a personality type that’s soothing, compassionate and caring. People who love this colour have a stable character and wisdom. These people also tend to be seen as faithful.

GREY represents the colour of caution and compromise. BLACK offers an appearance of mystery which suggests hidden depths and inward longings.

People who love abstract art are most likely to be reserved. They have deep insights and profound creative imaginations.

The theory behind abstract art is that it should create beautiful effects. These should use pure patterns of form, colour and line.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said that the highest types of beauty did not lie within the shapes of the natural world but in geometry and symmetry.

The most elegant proportion is a set called the golden ratio. This symmetry (1.618) is considered highly spiritual and frequently used in monumental religious building design.

If you find symmetry beautiful, you may also be spiritual, with virtues such as orderliness, transparency and simplicity.


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Pop Art is one of the most recognizable art movements of the Contemporary Age. This form of art came about as a revolt against the Abstract Expressionist style, which pop artists saw as egotistical and over-intense.

Pop art originates from the visual world and individual pleasures: TV, magazines and comics. Fans of this style are often vibrant, open and fun-loving.


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What about other forms of art that could be your art personality type?

Impressionism: Impressionist painters are methodical. They produce pictures of the world in front of their eyes at the time.

Lovers of this kind of art are outgoing and prefer to be blunt in approach – they see and say things as they are.

The Impressionists aim to represent their reality at one particular moment and under specific conditions.

This kind of realism appeals to more responsible personality types.

Folks who like the thrill of new experiences are less likely to enjoy looking at realistic paintings.

These people prefer to go for more atypical and challenging things such as surrealism or cubism.

Cubism: Studies have also revealed that individuals who love cubism are usually much younger and have extroverted personalities.

Extroverts, naturally, are very open to new experiences and often prefer surrealist paintings.

Conservative individuals, on the other hand, tend to prefer traditional arts.

Find out which one you are by clicking on our art gallery and seeing yourself in our paintings.

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Art by Sheila Tan

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