Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

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Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017. Meet our team of expert artisans this festive season at our first ever Chinese New Year showcase from the 27th – 12th February. We have put together some of our finest art pieces for your collection and viewing pleasure. Come join this art lovers community and be part of our mission to heal the world through our art. Find meaning and inspiration in our creations and may the vibrations of our work touch and make your lives better each day.

Merrin Jeff

Tell us about you “In my younger years, you can always see a pencil in my hand for drawing since 1974. Simply loving art and would quite often win certificates in our local Show Society, in the art pavilion. Growing up in a small country town on the South Coast of NSW, the ocean was my sanctuary to recreate on canvas. So, after purchasing my first set of oil paints in my teens, it was just natural for me to paint a seascape. Experimenting with texture and colours, till reaching the desired effect were all natural to me”.

“These days, after having a break from painting, due to work and family, I now have the time to immerse myself in my passion.  Being self-taught, my painting style has evolved and is more detailed and precise now.  Constantly looking for depth perception and shadows in my artwork to give it that three-dimensional feel”.

Exhibiting pieces at Art Xtedia event

What are your inspirations and future aspiration for the next coming years “My inspiration for my painting is still the ocean, with its ever-changing colour, power and constant movement.  In recent years, there has been a move towards painting Rainforests while loving the richness and depth that can be obtained in looking through the foliage and the shadows cast by the trees, gives such depth to the picture.  My painting takes me to another world and that is my desire for the viewer also, to give them a small slice of paradise away from reality”.

“My goal for next year is to concentrate on larger wave paintings and get a collection together for an exhibition. There are currently three art students regularly inspire me to teach and pass on my knowledge so they too can be true to their talents.  Each one bringing with them a different style and a desire for varied themes”.

Rainforest Stream at Local Art Gallery


Kelly Mathews

Tell us about you “As a child being very creative was no stranger to me in with creating things out of clay to progressing to make sculptures at the age of 15. I then progressed into stretching and drawing by a correspondence course. Painting came next and I evolved with my artworks.Being a self taught artist I have created my own style of techniques with paint and tools. The use of my vivid imagination to create my very original artworks are true inspiration for others. The experience of being an artist is a very natural part of who I am. To express my imagination on canvas sets me free” says Kelly.


Exhibiting pieces at Art Xtedia event


What are your inspiration and future goals “My inspiration and goals are to inspire many people with my style of textured art with its bright bold colours with mainly happiness’ themes and also because of my diversify artworks I create thought provoking artworks.I also tell a journey about my life through my vivid imagination in my painting’s.I take people within their own imagination through my creations with colours texture and originality. My creations’ are one of a kind and straight from my mind. I do not copy. My abstracts are very unique kind of Art..I love to have my art in as many homes offices and countries and galleries as possible for everyone to enjoy”.

Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

You are invited to see our sixteen days exhibition with many of our other artist on fron the 27th to the 12th of February from 10 am to 6pm Mon-Fridays and Saturdays 11am – 6pm. Entry is free and if you make it to our grand opening day on the 27th from 6pm-8pm you will receive some really cool door gifts with free wine, merchandises and more!

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