Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year – See you @ our exhibition!

Art Xtedia celebrates Chinese New Year! For the Year of the Rooster, one of Sydney’s most exciting and innovative fine art collectives and online galleries, Art Xtedia, is thrilled to announce their premiere exhibition open to the public, to coincide with and celebrate the Lunar New Year and proudly supported by City of Sydney.

Online gallery and artistic hub, Art Xtedia believes in all things beautiful and all things art! Founded by the hugely talented Julie Rekha, Art Xtedia works to showcase the abundance of often unrecognised artistic talents both locally and internationally. Art Xtedia believes in accessible art and giving both the public and the artists the opportunity to share in the beauty of this new era of creativity.


Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

Gold Prosperity and Underwater Tunnel by Julie Rekha

This Lunar New Year is an auspicious time! Year of the Rooster is all about creativity, determination and a fiery passion that constantly strives for success and happiness. This makes Julie Rekha’s incredible Gold Prosperity, the perfect crown jewel in Art Xtedia’s Chinese New Year exhibition. The work, created for and inspired by the Chinese culture, is a beautiful creation full of earthy elements that are as pleasing to the soul as to the eye.  This exhibition will be the very first time that Gold Prosperity has been on display for the general public and will also be available for purchase.

Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

Carnival by Flavia Julius

There will also be her second piece, Underwater Tunnel, a soothing and calming painting that is so real looking, you will want to swim into its deep marine life. It is a creation that inspires you to swim into all possibilities that lies ahead in your journey. During this exhibition joining Julie are a number of tremendous local artists who work primarily in sculpture and paint. Rachel Keem’s mesmerising work, Repelled Beauty, created with acrylics and beautiful bold colours will speak loudly to the for the young and vibrant at heart. Flavia Julius is Art Xtedia’s own aboriginal-inspired artist who use colourful, traditional dot-work to create modern, stylish pieces. Leora Borgenicht’s oil painting, Black Feathers, projects the beauty of strength and human resilience. The truly unique pieces by Kelly Mathew, Awaiting Abstract City and Captured are a reinvention of abstract art with Mathew’s own style and techniques using acrylics and oil paints.


Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

Repelled Beauty by Rachel Keem

The peaceful and outstanding work by Merrin Jeff, full of oceanic blues will makes any observer awash with joy when gazing upon the beautiful aesthetics. As the exhibition’s exclusive sculpture pieces, Art Xtedia have invited two of Australia’s finest sculptors, Yves Lee and Paul Bailey, to display their creations, the Porcelain être-là (fleur) by Yves and iconic Sydney Opera House by Paul made of glass and bronze.


Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

Art by Merrin Jeff

All pieces in the exhibition are available for purchase (not including the works by Paul Bailey). Art Xtedia invites art-lovers from all over Sydney, this Lunar New Year, to enjoy an artistic journey and be amongst these sublime, rising Australian talents in the year of the auspicious fire Rooster!



Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

281 Clarence St

Sydney (gaffa)

Dates:       Friday 27th January – Saturday 12th February 2017

Times:       10am – 6pm Mon – Fri. 11am – 5pm Sat. 12th  Feb.Sun 11am – 2pm

Cost:         FREE entry

Ages:        Child Free. Adults only

More Information:

Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year   Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year  Art Xtedia Celebrates Chinese New Year

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