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How Jalu Fragrances Custom Makes Long Lasting Scent

The role of a perfumer, also known as a “nose” due to their exceptional sense of smell, is central to the creation of fragrances. Perfumers such as Ali the owner of Jalu Fragrances in Rockdale, Sydney Australia are highly skilled professionals who specialize in crafting scent compositions using natural and synthetic aromatic ingredients. Their work involves both a deep understanding […]

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Why We Need Deep Sleep Recovery For Better Health

Having a restful and deep sleep is an important part of our daily lives that provides several health benefits. During deep sleep, the brain waves slow down, and the body relaxes completely. This stage of sleep is also known as slow-wave sleep or delta sleep. Below are some reasons why deep sleep is essential and how you can have a […]

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Queen Spa QVB Is Sydney’s Best Spa In The CBD

Queen spa qvb

Queen Spa QVB in Sydney Australia is a luxurious and tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. Catering to both the locals and tourist alike, this is where you want to be to relax and unwind. We at A/X Publisher Digital have had the opportunity to personally review the spa and we give it a 5 star rating! And […]

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Australia’s Leading Sports Physiotherapist Matt McCutcheon

sports physiotherapist Sydney

A/X Publisher Digital was thrilled to speak to our sports physiotherapist Sydney based practitioner, Matt McCutcheon. As the owner of Sports Lab clinic in the CBD, here’s what he had to say about life, physiotherapy (sports) and innovation in his field. Since graduating his higher education, Matt has been fortunate to travel extensively through the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. […]

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How to Style Your Clothes | Millennials and Gen Z

style your clothes

You may have lots of great pieces of clothing and yes at times you may struggle to style your clothes because it’s overwhelming. This is totally normal and we are going to run through some essentials and basics. Remember, when it comes to fashion and styling, it’s personal – all about you and your individuality. Since fashion has now moved […]

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How To Identify Different Personality Types

People of all walks of life and personality types make up planet earth. And with time and experience, we have gradually learnt to get along. There are several known personality types that can be fun and interesting to discover. You may even find that you have a mix of different traits from all nine! 1) Optimistic personality types An optimistic […]

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Making the Most of Improv Acting and Theatre Games

Improv Acting

Improvisational acting is also known as improv acting, or simply “improv”. It is a form of theatre in which most or all of what is performed on stage is created spontaneously by the performers, without a script. The performers make up the dialogue, characters, and story lines as they go, often based on suggestions from the audience or other performers. […]

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What Is The Actual Meaning Of Easter Celebration

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The date of Easter varies each year. But Sunday is the day of its celebration following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. It is usually on or near March 21st. This means that people celebrate Easter every Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. The date […]

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The Resilient Dad Show | How To Help Overwhelmed Fathers

If you know a father who is feeling overwhelmed, there are several things you can do to help. You may know someone, or you are a father experiencing the challenges of fatherhood. The Resilient Dad Show, hosted by Pat Di Domenico in Australia, is the nation’s up-and-coming leader in helping struggling fathers tackle challenges. What Do Fathers Experience  They experience […]

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Breaking Up is Tough | How To Get Her Back

breaking up

Relationships can be difficult. Breaking up is tough. Working out how to get her back is tougher still. Before we show you how you might be able to salvage things, let’s take a look at the cause and how you can first become a better man. The Harsh Truth of Co-dependency For many men, being co-dependent on women for approval […]

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Steven Fernandez is Australia’s Actor’s Coach

“Hi, I’m Steven Fernandez. Thanks for taking the time to read about me. Let’s just start by saying that acting and giving acting classes comes naturally to me because it helps people build confidence in themselves.   This is one of my most enjoyable moments because it reveals a lot of hidden talents. From experience, people are able to shine in […]

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The 5 Signs You’re About To Meet Your Twin Flame

twin flame

Most people, in their early twenties, jump from one meaningless relationship to another. They grow up over time yet often fail to learn their lesson. They search for “the one” in those they barely know. If you’re here, you’re different and you know it. You know who “the one” is for you. They are your Twin Flame, your Divine and […]

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How To Get A Divorce Without Legal Papers | A Big No!

how to get a divorce

A Do It Yourself divorce might sound like a good option when you separate, but there are a few reasons why you need to be wary of this. There are usually two basic reasons why couples may choose to divorce without legal papers instead of hiring a lawyer. The first reason is to save money, and the second is that […]

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The Universe Gives You What You Need

The universe gives… I traveled the world, only to find myself back where I began seven years ago. It’s been seven years since that day someone made the offhand remark, “Don’t you wish you could sell it all and move to the south of France?” My ears perked up. I love the south of France! But half an hour later […]

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8 Ways to Lift Your Spirit & Increase Your Vibration

“We can feel our vibration when we focus and tune in on what is happening around us, as everything is made up of energy vibrating. All things vibrate at different frequencies including every one of us…” Jill Healy-Quintard We are made up of different energy levels and these are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and each have their own vibration, […]

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Maximizing Your Full Potential with Personal Branding

Maximizing Full Potential with Personal Branding

When we talk about maximizing your full potential with personal branding, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may pop into your mind. What is it? The idea of “leveling up” from the basics of survival to eventually achieve happiness and reach our full potential has had a stranglehold on popular psychology for a long time. According to the popular interpretation of Maslow’s […]

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Trendy Wedding Preparations On A Budget

Weddings have moved a long way from the ceremony of strict tradition they once were. These days, they’re more likely to be a trendy and hip event.  When young people celebrate their love, they want the reception to be a representation of who they are – young, trendy, personalized and on a budget. This can lead more creative couples to […]

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