What Is Authentic Marketing Essential and Why It's for You
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What Is Authentic Marketing and Why It’s Essential for You

Quite simply authentic means to be original and not copied.

Although everyone is unique and each have unusual or similar qualities,

it is common for us to see ourselves in others.

To a certain degree there’s usually something about an organisation or person that will either attract us to them or be repelling for us.

Our innate nature to co-habitat and survive brings us to this question of being authentic.

Who are we as a person and how are we experiencing our journey here on this planet.

Why You Need Authentic Marketing?


Your business or work (as an employee) is an extension of you and what you can bring to the table.


By being truthful to ourselves and recognising that somethings need to be addressed within us is the first step to awareness.


You will see this is when marketing any product or services,

the first thing that a marketer would get you to do is create an awareness campaign.


Now you might be confused about how a business needs is the same as to what we need as an individual.


What is a business

An entity that solves problems for its customers.

It has the skills, tools and resources to provide to your needs.

When we are hungry who do we go looking for?

A place that serves food or the fridge (the fridge was also sold to you by an entity).


Who are you as a person?

Someone who is either a friend, a wife, a husband, a colleague or any other role that we take on.


We all have something to give and be there for our friend, family and community at large.


So would it then be fair to say that you are also like an entity who provides a need?


Maybe not in commercial sense but think about it,

you are as important as the next person beside you.


This is why when we go for a job interview or prepare to start a business,

it is crucial and important to first ask ourselves

“who am I. what am I bringing to the table”


Without fully understanding and knowing this we cannot as a society function harmoniously

because we have falsely been thought to follow a system;built

for a completely different era where it was necessary then but now we are in the  information age.


From the angle of metaphysics, the bible talks about the dark ages, 666.

Did you know that in Hebrew 666 means world wide web.

And where do we automatically go to when seeking answers? The web.


Can you also then see why controlling and restricting our employees and workers

is causing a high turn over and adding more stress to everyone involved?


People now know how to go out and find solutions for themselves.


We simply have to help facilitate this and guide them to change for the better but only if they want to.


If they don’t, be fair on yourself and you move on.


Enabling co-dependency does not necessarily help anyone improve and sadly even when its a family member.

Why should you incorporate Authentic Marketing?


To avoid unnecessary trust issues. When a person is lacking something they come to you for help

seeing and sensing that as a business or person (friend, family) you might be able to solve a problem for them.


Do we not as good people with hearts and emotions want to naturally help this person?


Even if we are in a negative state of mind we would feel guilty and

upset for not being able to be of assistance.

Or we think that they have simply asked us at a wrong time.


Going back to self-awareness – our minds know when we are not ready to help because we are not in good state.

How do you become Authentic in your Marketing?


Understand yourself and/or your business first.


Be self-aware, seek solutions for yourself,

be of service to others and most importantly cut the bullshit and be honest with yourself.


Ask for help. There are many of us within the generation X and Y who have most likely evolved into a different dimension;

where you are starting to see the spread of coaches, lightworkers and self-development entities;

have all started to understand and work on ourselves since fifteen twenty years ago.


Even you would have started this journey of self discovery unknowingly.


The books, articles, audiobooks or podcasts you like says a lot about you and

since we are all here to bring humanity forward,

it is best to seek out those who are in the same mission and share the same values as you.

Life could become enjoyable once again.

If you been inspired by my article please reach out to me, I’m happy to help in any way I can. My articles are written and edited in blocks for easy reading. 



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