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How To Use Social Media For Publicity

Social media for publicity isn’t just “social.” It can be any business person’s key to reaching their target market and making invaluable business connections. However, it can be challenging to figure out which social media platforms to use—and how to use them to promote your brand. So, without delay, let’s get into the different channels and their marketing capabilities. The […]

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Why Is A Business Plan Important

business plan

There are lots of reasons to have a business plan, and I’m sure you’re aware of many of them. However, one of the most important reasons—and one that’s often overlooked—is the value of having a business plan for your own inspiration, motivation, guidance and achievement. Having that document in your desk drawer or saved to your hard drive will provide […]

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How to Use Publicity to Grow and Expand Your Business

Publicity is one fabulous way to put your business in front of your target market. A business owner’s biggest challenge is getting the word out there. You most likely know and understand the needs of your ideal customers but how are you going to reach them? Without busting your shoestring budget with advertising? Here is the simple theory:  Find the […]

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