Are You Buying Products That Are Exposed To Sun Damage?!

sun damage

From bulk purchase to small travel size, plastic bottles and other forms of packaging are an important commodity. Many are even designed to be displayed as decorations and ornaments. That said, these products when placed in direct sunlight can actually be very harmful. “Packaging material may catalyze oxidation reactions in photosensitive products and reduce their shelf life”. Leda Coltro; Joyce […]

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Online Content Marketing for Small Businesses

A/X Publisher

Welcome to A/X Publisher one of the world’s best sites for inspiring the creative minds in business; showcasing a variety of topics and publishing great contents that you will love. 1) Here you can subscribe, contribute as writer or simply be part of a great community. 2) Inspire global readership and get traffic to your site with our backlinks. 3) […]

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The Meaning of Easter, Eggs and Bunnies

During this popular celebration, the meaning of Easter, eggs and bunnies holds differently for different folks. However the most popular one is that it is a day that generously celebrates the resurrection of Christ. This is a very significant day for Christians. It is also classified as a transferable feast since it doesn’t fall on a set day or time […]

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