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The Universe Gives You What You Need

The universe gives… I traveled the world, only to find myself back where I began seven years ago. It’s been seven years since that day someone made the offhand remark, “Don’t you wish you could sell it all and move to the south of France?” My ears perked up. I love the south of France! But half an hour later […]

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How to Sell Art Online The Easy Way

sell art online

So, you want to sell art online? Post it, pin it, tweet it or link it and VOILA!  The sales! The acclaim! The thousands of followers! But it’s quite not that easy, is it? I am here to tell you that just because selling art online is difficult, it does not mean that selling art online is impossible. The fact […]

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The Value of Art and The Truth About Professional Artist

The value of art as much as our culture marginalizes art and artists, as much as it dismisses our efforts, and scorns our value to society, our culture also happens to hold art in very high regard. Think about it. What holds the highest records for anything ever sold at auction? Is it cars? No. Jewels? No. It’s art. And […]

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