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House Property: Invest Now or Later?

property investment

Should you keep trying to save money to buy your own house or invest now? Team Calla Property is here to answer all your queries.  This is a question we get asked quite regularly and the answer depends on a number of factors. The top three concerns are:  How fast can you save?  How quickly is the market moving?  What […]

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Should You Buy Off The Plan Properties?

Luxury two-bedroom apartments start at $500,000! 6% rental guarantees! Only 40% of the stock is left! Off the plan is heavily marketed and sold as offers that you cannot afford to lose out on, but the reality is that they’re a dangerous game. They’re not what they’re cracked up to be. Instead, buying off the plan is one of Australia’s […]

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How to Avoid A Bad Investment Property

property investment

Being in the real estate industry requires property owners to make lots of relatively big and important decisions, which can be daunting. Learning how to avoid a bad investment property is important. Many investors may start out with the dream of having passive income, only a few will ever get past their first investment and even fewer will reach the […]

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Is RentVesting The Right Strategy For You?


For most people, there are three main goals in life: Get a job, start a family and own a home. But with house prices increasing at an average of 2.7% per annum, against a growth of 1.9% per annum in household income since 1960, as a millennial, entering the property market can seem like a fleeting goal. Settling for 2 […]

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