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How To Freshen Up Windows With Natural Light

Your windows could do with a freshen up, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? That’s ok! Turning your tired, sad-looking windows into a beautiful feature doesn’t have to do big damage to your back pocket. You can achieve beautiful and stylish windows with surprisingly little outlay… Before you rip down the existing window treatments, let’s take a look […]

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Staying on Top with The Right SEO Strategy

There’s no denying it, content marketing has evolved into a whole new industry. Gone are the days of crappy content and the occasional blog post. If you own a website your content needs to be consistent, relevant and fresh. No one wants to read the same boring posts and just because you might have talent when it comes to the […]

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Legal Requirements for Websites and Online Businesses

Starting a business these days can mean something other than renting a property, purchasing stock, or setting up a shop front. More and more entrepreneurs are setting up and running very successful businesses from their homes. E-commerce is a hallmark of the modern age, and with the rising demand for online shopping, it’s becoming clear that this type of business […]

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How Is Smart Technology Cooling Our Homes?

smart technology

It’s hot outside. Your air-conditioner has been going ‘around the clock’ and it’s still struggling to keep up. Even worse, you know you’ve got a hideous electricity bill looming at the end of the month. This is the typical story of an Aussie homeowner during the summer months. But thankfully, change is on the horizon thanks to smart technology. Now with […]

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