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Using Ai in Social Media Analytics to Beat The Competition

Ai in social media

If you are a digital marketer, then you may be familiar with the power of social media and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (Ai).  Ai in social media has now reached the stage where it has begun to transform the world of digital marketing. To be a successful online marketer, you must keep updated with the latest trends and […]

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What is Parallax Effect? Top Parallax Websites You Need to Know

Parallax websites or scrolling has become a trend in website design that doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Web development companies prefer powering websites with parallax, providing end-users a 3D effect as they scroll up and down. A website that has been designed well with a parallax effect cannot only captivate visitors but also drive engagement. The concept of parallax […]

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Where to Find Startup Investors for Your Business

Every big company started small, even globally dominant ones. It just took one backer who believed in the business plan to make the difference. Individuals and companies that invest in startups provide valuable financial support, which has become easier to find in recent years. Venture capital (VC) backers actively choose to invest in innovative companies, in the hope that their […]

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