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best coffee Sydney

Coffee beans made their way to Australia at the end of the 18th century and at that time it was only brewed as a hot drink before gaining its popularity worldwide.

The rise of the coffee culture renaissance comes from France, with cafes all over Paris and neighbouring cities.

This eventually resulted in the Temperance Movement for raising awareness of excessive beer drinking and drunkenness.

Slowly the love of coffee replaced beers and from there the trend spread throughout Europe.

As time passed it grew with each connoisseur’s unique blend of coffee and gradually reaching down under.

In Australia, coffee gained its popularity with a variety of beans grown in subtropical areas in Queensland and the east coast of New South Wales.

Best coffee Sydney

Milson’s Point, Kirribilli a tourist hotspot in Sydney with views of the Opera House and home to the famous Harbour Bridge walk, has many great cafes.

A short day trip to the area can truly make your mornings an enjoyable experience with many independently-owned places.

Some emphasize the coffee beans, some may have secret recipes, while some believe the right coffee blend with the environment produces the ultimate coffee experience.

No matter what ticks your boxes as a coffee-drinker, there’s bound to be a cafe at Milson’s Point, Kirribilli you will enjoy and experience.

So come over with friends and family as it’s also worth visiting the parks and few hidden gems.

best coffee Sydney

What Makes for A Good Coffee?

Although coffee beans play an important part in taste and texture, the time and dedication a barista takes creating latte art shows that they make good coffee.

It’s best to avoid the ones who do a quick slam and dunk when pouring the milk.

Even the way it’s steamed and frothed can indicate if it’s too hot and burnt or not hot enough.

The ideal temperature coffee should be served is at 70 to 80 degrees and 85 degrees during colder months.

So we suggest you look for a barista who enjoys making coffee and isn’t in a rush to mass produce.

A good standard coffee takes up to a minute to make, anything less is likely rushed and served in a hurry.

Good things really do take time and your coffee should be one of them.

Here are the top 5 cafes that serve the best coffee Sydney enjoys in Milson’s Point, Kirribilli.

For the purpose of this article we have combined Milson’s Point and Kirribilli as one area although technically they are two different suburbs

1) Celsius Coffee Co.

best coffee Sydney

If you need a change of scenery, this cozy rustic cafe with breathtaking views by the window is the place.

You can start your day energized with a cup of coffee by Ona Coffee at Celsius Coffee Co., famous for its sustainable, innovative approach in sourcing coffee beans.

The food is also amazing especially the pulled lamb on Sourdough bread or poached eggs on Avocado toast with sprinkles of edible flowers.

Situated at Kirribilli Wharf you can also jump on the ferry with a cup of coffee and make a quick circle to North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Circular Quay and back in under 15 minutes.

2) Side Part Cafe

Side Part Cafe is walking distance to Luna Park or a stroll around the harbour up to Lavender Bay plus it’s accessible by Milson’s Point ferry.

You can even take your morning brekky and sit by the water and enjoy the view of the Opera House under the Harbour Bridge.

They serve wonderful coffee sourced from La Minita, Costa Rica by Single O Coffee.

There’s also picnic blankets that you can loan if you’re planning to relax at Bradfield Park across the road.
A perfect cafe not just for the single and happy but for families as well. Open Monday – Saturday closed on Sunday.

3) Fitzroy Cafe

A cafe with an interesting appeal and display of beautiful traditional tea cups from around the globe.

This restaurant, revamped from a butcher shop, offers an excellent cafe experience with a wonderful Mediterranean ambiance.

They make excellent coffee using Allpress Coffee beans with a rich and strong blend of nutty flavour.

The striking ambiance and decor are inspired by minimalism with copper elements as an accent to give a stark contrast to an industrial loft.

Walking distance from Milson’s Point train station, Fitzroy Cafe offers not just a cuppa but also a dine-in option.

Though the variety of sweets and pastries is great for any time, it’s definitely a morning tea experience with a touch of class.

It’s a quiet and peaceful place with soft music preferred by the old and young at heart.

You may also feel motivated to walk across the Harbour Bridge after grabbing a tasty cup of take away coffee.

Fitzroy cafe supports the local Greenhouse community housing selling hand make solid timber platters and boards. Located on Ennis St Opens Everyday Monday -Sunday

4) Cool Mac Cafe

Cool Mac Cafe started as a simple deli before settling in with Japanese-inspired menus.

The cafe hasn’t looked back since, thanks to the sushi chef Jun Okamatsu creating various Japanese-inspired dishes and putting  Asian flair in Australian cuisine.

The cafe caters for all walks of life with its affordable menus and excellent dining., It is also a trendy place for families and their pooch with outdoor sitting.

The cafe uses coffee beans from Sample Coffee, known for their approach in sampling various and diverse types of coffee beans, at their highest quality.

Plus, within Cool Mac there’s also an art gallery, housing works by many of Sydney’s artists available for purchase. Located on Bourton St, Kirribilli Opens Everyday Mon-Sun

5) Sidando Cafe

This is the best place for grab and go coffees when you’re on the way to Wendy’s Secret Garden

best coffee Sydney

They also have an amazing collection of books in their library section and serve delicious modern Australian cuisine.

It’s also great for catching up with friends over breakfast or brunch. They use Grounds Coffee beans and make it with perfection.

The staff are really warm and friendly and always bring you a little cookie with your beverage. The food portion is also generous with a variety of selection on the menu.

One particular favourite is the mushroom omelette served on Sourdough bread with add ons like sausages, avocado etc. Located on Albert St Open Mon – Sat closed on Sunday

These cafes are our Top 5 of the many places serving coffee in Milson’s Point, Kirribilli and surroundings.

Our other favourites in the neighbourhood

The Flying Bear is a cozy little cafe by the water and is located in McDougall St, Kirribilli. They have amazing pastry and breakfast menu that are simply delicious.

You can also enjoy a little picnic at Milson’s Park.

2) For a good bakery selection we recommend San Antonio Sourdough Bakery next door to Woolies. Everything is made with Sourdough which makes it a healthier choice.

Last but not least, for all things chocolate make your way to Coco Chocolate. It’s on Broughton St alley a cozy place with an amazing selection of Parisian treats.

If you are a big fan of delicatessen then check out Kirribilli Deli for great european sausages, cheese platters and dips.

Do you have a favourite coffee place you love? Share with us in the comment section!
photo credit: Igor Pekar IG@travelcrank
other credit sources: truelocal, realestate,
sydneybykayak, inspirock 
best coffee Sydney

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  • Thank you for your interesting post!
    I just wanted to share some extracts on websites that I came across and was eager to share with you. I am proud acknowledge the contribution of my cultural heritage.

    As I am a descendant of Italian migrants I grew up in the ‘60s where intimate coffee houses were mainly set up for as a meeting place fire migrant men, whilst aussies (men) frequented pubs after work. Women were not usually seen in either of these premises. It was frowned upon.

    Italians don’t usually drink coffee after 11 am and usually it’s an espresso or macchiato and drunk as soon as prepared. ‘La pausa’ coffee break.

    It’s amazing to see the ‘alfresco’ and coffee culture emerging as a way of everyday life in our culture. Rarely would you see a tradie with a coffee in hand.

    Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

    Legend has it that the great bean originated in the Ethiopian plateau and was discovered by Kaldi the goat herder. It spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula and adjacent areas before Europeans encountered coffee in the 17th century. The Dutch are to thank for much of its global spread. Nevertheless, many of the coffee drinks we know today and popularized by Starbucks (more on that later) do originate in Italy, and it has everything to do with the invention of the espresso machine.

    ‘Espresso’ was first developed in Italy in the 19th century.

    “In the 1980s, many if not most coffeehouses had Italian names and adopted as much Italian as possible into their café and menu.”

    Coffee preparation method, and it was first developed in Italy in the 19th century

    The coffee drinks they served also retained their Italian nomenclature because they were specifically made with espresso. The names refer to what is added to the espresso.

    Thank you!

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