The Best Indian Food In Sydney For The Homesick

The Best Indian Food In Sydney For The Homesick

Best Indian Food Sydney

Embracing Independence: The Life of an International Student, Traveler and Expat.

The first few years can be bitter sweet for most international students, travelers, and expats. Everyone loves the new found freedom that comes with being away from home and living in a different country.

But after some time, you may start to miss your mom’s cooking. The comforting aroma of Dal and biryani rice that was always nice to come home to after a long day.

You may even have fond memories like the sound of your brother’s guitar playing on a lazy Saturday morning. Or your sister searching through your wardrobe without permission. 

And let’s not forget about mom’s constant complaints in the kitchen. She is always insisting someone to do the dishes (but is never happy with anyone’s efforts).

Despite all this, dad always manages to stay cool and relaxed. That is until his TV remote goes missing then you’ll never hear the end of it.  

The Feeling of Nostalgia

Although I’ve lived in Sydney for years, there’s nothing that compares to all my aunties cooking back in South-East Asia. However, discovering the best Indian food in Sydney has been a lifesaver during homesickness.

The top 7 suburbs with the best Indian food in Sydney:

1) Pendle Hill

Best Indian Food Sydney

Sree Flavours Restaurant

Are you looking for authentic banana leaf meals? Then, Sree Flavours Restaurant is the best place for mouthwatering and delicious meals.

Run by a friendly husband-and-wife team, this restaurant is located close to Pendle Hill train station. They are closed on Tuesdays, but Google opening hours for all other days.

Just by being here, the warm and welcoming locals will make you feel at home. At Sree Flavours, prices are affordable ranging from $6 to $29.90. You choose your favorites, and can also enjoy extra dishes to complement your meal.

Make sure to try the payasam and rassam too! Aside from this restaurant, you may find several other North, South Indian and Sri Lankan restaurants like the popular Sydney Marina.

There are also several Indian and Nepalese grocery stores located in the area, making it the perfect place to restock your pantry as you walk along with a cup of takeaway masala tea.

2) Home Bush

best Indian food in Sydney

Mithu is a fantastic Indian restaurant with home cooked style dishes. You have to however, walk a few minutes from Homebush station. But the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and delicious mouth watering food will feel like a Sunday morning breakfast with the family.

3) Seven Hills

Experience the authentic Banana Leaf Meals at Indo Lankan Food Bar
it offers delicious banana leaf meals every alternate Sunday. On other days, you can choose from a variety of menu dishes.

Also note that the restaurant has a separate takeaway counter at the front. Customers aren’t allowed takeaway food into the dine-in area but you can take your order home with you.

4) Newtown

photo credit Kammedhenu

Discover the authentic Indian cooking at Kammadhenu

Whether you’re dining in or taking out, Kammadhenu is a great choice. I’ve been a regular customer there for almost 15 years.

Despite a change in management during the lock down, the food is still great and delicious. You can enjoy both the North and South Indian dishes. They also serve Malaysian and Sri Lankan cuisine.

5) Glebe

best Indian food in Sydney

This central located restaurant in Glebe offers some of the most delicious and heartwarming dishes. You will love the cozy and inviting atmosphere, and the staff members are also friendly and welcoming.

At Kandy By Sri Lankan Bites, they’re more than just a restaurant. Run by a family that shares a passion for food and culture, they’re dedicated to sharing exciting flavors of Sri Lankan food with the people of Sydney.

6) Oxford St

North Indian Cuisine that has been there for many years. Recently they’ve had other Indian restaurants opened in the area, but I’ve only been going to this one. You can dine in or takeaway. Their garlic and plain naan bread are to die for each time I go visit, along with freshly made Mango lassi.

7) Kirribili Markets

Follow The Cow Sydney serves freshly home cooked food and dosas. You can order it and walk down to the Harbour Bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenic view.

This little Indian stall is managed by a husband-and-wife team who are always happy to feed their customers.

Find them on Instagram before planning your trip to the markets. They share regular updates regarding seasonal and staple dishes. You can enter to the stall from Alfred St, Kirribilli every 1st, 2nd Sundays and 4th Saturdays only.

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