How to Choose The Best Room Furniture That Lasts

Whether you’ve just moved out or have bought a home for your growing family, choosing the right furniture is very important. 

It is an investment that should last a long time and meet your home’s needs.

This is why furniture tends to be one of the most expensive item.

Additionally, we all want our furniture to last us as long as possible, so it’s not only important to choose high-quality furniture, but also furniture that we will love the look of for years to come.

Living room furniture

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The living room will be your home’s most utilised area, with guests and family members alike lounging to their heart’s content.

It is no surprise then that when buying living room furniture, you should prioritise sofas and lounges.

When choosing a sofa, ensure that the materials are fairly stain resistant, and that the design is sleek and modern.

You don’t want your sofa to look daggy and old-fashioned in just a couple of years, so opt for a sofa with exposed legs for a more airy and youthful appearance.

When buying a sofa, you’ll also be met with the dilemma of choosing leather or fabric.

Fabric looks absolutely stunning and offers a lot of variety when it comes to colour, but is prone to staining easily.

If you have kids or pets at home, it’s safest to invest in a leather sofa.

Now that you’ve chosen the star of the show, it’s time to choose complementary furniture pieces.

Opt for a sturdy coffee table and sleek side tables that are still packed with storage.

When arranging your living room, keep the function at the forefront of your mind.

Are you just looking to create a comfortable living room that your family will use to watch TV, or are you more of an entertainer that needs a dynamic and accessible space?

This will inform whether a modular or traditional set up is best for you.

Masterbedroom furniture

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Underwater Tunnel Art by Julie J

Your bedroom is meant to be a dreamy escape from it all, so it’s essential to choose bedroom furniture that truly suit you.

When choosing comfortable bedroom furniture, go for lush upholstery and timber frames to create a room you can truly sink into at the end of a long day.

Think about what sort of bedroom you would consider to be a sanctuary – are you someone who would love a dramatic four poster bed, or are you more into a minimalistic timber frame?

We recommend choosing bedroom furniture in neutral colours, as you can change up your linen whenever you like without worrying about the colours clashing.

Storage is also essential in a bedroom, so consider a bed frame with storage drawers underneath, or sleek tallboys and bedside tables that complement your bed frame.

Once you’ve chosen your key furniture pieces, you can have a world of fun with pillows, quilts, throws and more.

Kids’ bedroom furniture

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Choosing the right kids’ bedroom furniture really depends on your child’s age group.

When designing for younger children, consider fun and functional bunk beds which they can share with their siblings.

For tweens, a bunk bed with space to study underneath is a fantastic way to make the most of the space you have available.

In addition to a bed, kids need plenty of storage for their toys, gadgets and school supplies, so consider clever under-bed storage drawers and storage cubes that can be stacked on top of each other.

As your child’s tastes change, let them swap out their bed linen to a pattern, design or colour that they love most.

Some safety tips to bear in mind for children’s bedroom furniture include:

  • Avoid sharp edges
  • Make sure the furniture is highly durable
  • Make sure the finishing does not include harmful substances
  • Avoid tall furniture that children may climb on
  • Ensure bunk beds are protected by rails

Dining room furniture

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Interior Art by Julie J 


When it comes to your dining table, the first thing you need to consider is its shape.

Does a traditional long rectangular table suit your space, or do you need to save some space with a small rounded table, a la Scandinavian design?

Timber is a classic material to opt for, adding warmth to your kitchen and dining area.

If you would rather make a bold statement, choose a glossy black or marble dining table that will truly impress guests.

Remember that the dining table is often used for more than just dining, such as doing homework or playing board games across its sprawling surface.

If you’re a passionate home entertainer, you’re better off going with a large 8-seater dining table, otherwise stick to a small table and free up some space in your dining area.

Finally, bear comfort in mind when choosing dining chairs to accompany your dining table.

All members of your family will need to sit around your dining table in comfort, from grandma with her aching joints to dad with his sore back.

Study area furniture

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Study Room Design by Accolo Projects

When furnishing your study area or home office, functionality is key. Choose practical pieces that allow you to do your work ergonomically as well as have important documents within easy reach.

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Investing in a good office chair is essential, as this is where you’ll be spending the bulk of your time.

However, make sure your study area isn’t overly serious – inject some colour into the room with fun finishes and office supplies that are both kitschy and practical.

You might find it helpful to know that colours can play an important role to your moods and feelings.

For example, blue is supposed to stimulate the mind, while yellow boosts creativity.

Include folders, filing cabinets and memo boards on your sturdy desk to ensure that inspiration and resources are never far away.

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