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We’ve been helping clients with this soothing and effective BMT otherwise known as Bioelectric Meridian Therapy.

Training was qualified by an Australian Academy, ABMMA, in Queensland and we are one of the few centers trained to perform this therapy in Sydney.

What is BMT?

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy or BMT for short is an innovative treatment with a deep relaxing, detoxifying, and alkalizing effect.

In addition, it provides several health benefits and is an essential service for pain management.

The team that engineered this technology invented it to help prevent outbreaks and diseases from spreading in parts of Asia in early 2000.

The aim was to strengthen the body’s natural defenses by using a conducting gel like cream with Bioelectric energy so that healing could take place.

These creams and essential oils were created specifically to use during this meridian therapy technique.

Is Bioelectric the Same As Acupuncture?

In a way, Bioelectric has the same principles as acupuncture – but without using any needles. 

It clears Meridian pathways and allows Qi energy to flow freely throughout the body.

The principle behind this is that the cause of pain, aches, and disease comes from six harms in the body.

Too much wind (carbon dioxide), cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire.

Instead of needles, the therapist uses her hands when performing the therapy. The Bio-electric comes through the electrode pads placed on the side of the hips of the client.

The therapist then steps on the third electrode pad (placed on a wet towel), which allows the current to conduct through their hands.

This is how the treatment starts before it progresses to a deep tissue treatment.

It’s highly beneficial to your body when the soothing Bio-electric current penetrates deeper into your muscles and joints to relieve pain and tightness.

If you have tightness, inflammation, and soreness in your body, the Bio-electric current may temporarily stop the pain signals before they reach the brain; this, therefore, reduces the amount of pain you feel.

The upper and lower back sessions take around 30 to 45 minutes. For the whole body, it could take up to 120 minutes.

Typically, a rehabilitation course of a minimum of 5 sessions is necessary for acute conditions such as post-surgery muscle soreness.

Often you will receive treatment five times in the first week, and then gradually, the frequency decreases as the need goes down.

The treatment is safe, effective, and accessible.

It is also highly effective for those needing weekly or monthly pampering for relaxation and overall well-being.

Health Benefits Of Bioelectric Meridian Therapy

Cell activation. Bioelectric meridian therapy or BMT can help energize your cells. The treatment supports electron transfer in the Krebs cycle, which produces ATP.

ATP becomes ADP during energy utilization, which the Krebs cycle can recharge with energy to become ATP again.

Nerve and muscle tissue activation. Bioelectric can improve neurovascular and neuromuscular links through nerve and tissue cell activation.

This may be especially effective for people with muscle atrophy or who have had a stroke.

Digestive system regulation. Bioelectric can improve digestion through the endocrine glands. This, in turn, can improve metabolic rates and increase energy.

Anti-inflammatory. Using BMT can boost your body’s lymphatic drainage system, which boosts the body’s immunity.

Decreases body fatigue. BMT may assist your pituitary gland in producing endorphins, which the body naturally produces to deal with stress and pain.

This endorphin increase reduces body fatigue.

Body detoxification and purification. BMT increases blood flow and clears meridians, assisting in your body’s natural detox.

The practitioner applies specific alkaline therapeutic creams and oils during the treatment to detoxify the body.

Promotes beauty, fitness, and fat burn. Because it supports so many systems in the body, it promotes a healthy body.

A healthy body has an improved metabolic rate and burns fat more efficiently.

Enhances blood circulation. The currents in BMT boost micro-circulation, improve cell oxygenation and remove carbon dioxide.

This may help protect against cardiovascular illnesses.


Bioelectric Treatment for Spinal Care

There are many possible reasons that people suffer back pain, including infection, strain, laceration, lipoma, or fatty tumors.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 80% of people will be affected with back pain at least once.

Back pain is increasingly common, especially when we sit to work for long periods without getting up to walk or stretch.

Most of us have bad posture, which is surely worsened by crouching in front of a computer and having little exercise or daily movement.

A stressful, fast-paced life increases inflammation in the body, which can show up as back pain or other tense muscles.

Back pain is the reason that most people go to get acupuncture, massage, chiropractic or physiotherapy.

But quite often, these only offers temporary relief, and the pain returns after several days.

To treat back pain, you must take care of your spine regularly.

A full course of BMT may offer long-term benefits to those with chronic back pain.

Each BMT session starts with the practitioner clearing the spine nine times for males (Yang) and eight times for women (Yin).

This helps clear the Meridians and balance the body.

The goal is that the relief won’t be temporary but will last beyond the treatment.

Then, electrodes are attached, and the treatment begins.

The treatment works on the spine and hips to reduce pain and swelling.

While most people feel an improvement after just one session, it’s important to complete the full course of treatment to achieve the full benefits. This ensures that the results will last.

Bioelectric Activates White Blood Cells to Fight Infection

BMT works with your body to balance its systems, including blood circulation and flow.

The boost to the white blood cells helps your immune system fight against viruses and infections.

The Academy of Bioelectric Meridian in Australia followed a case study. The study found that after two weeks of treatment, with no other lifestyle changes, a patient’s blood results showed red blood cells that appeared stronger after the treatment.

Stronger red blood cells pump out more oxygen to the rest of your body, allowing all your organs to operate at their optimal level.

When your body operates at its optimal level, it is more equipped to handle the variety of viruses and other threats it inevitably faces.

Overall Relaxation & Stress Relief

As with any body treatment, many people choose Bioelectric meridian therapy for relaxation and stress relief.

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy rejuvenates you from the inside out.

The electrodes provide a low to high-frequency current, which provides a soothing effect.

Sometimes the therapist will add suction cups for additional effect.

A specifically designed conducive cream comes into play during the treatment, providing additional relief and alkalizing the blood.

For more info, visit our Facebook page and quote read on A/X Publisher Digital to receive $5 off on your first BMT session.

Always consult your doctor before starting new treatments such as BMT.

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