Brazilian artist Flavia Julius painting Australia with a passion

You may remember our Brazilian artist Flavia Julius with her mesmerizing painting “Carnival” at our last month’s exhibition. We are proud to announce that Miss Flavia will be also launching her solo exhibition here in Sydney on Friday the 3rd Of March! Here are some of the recap of her previous interview with Art Xtedia and new updates on her beautiful 17 pieces showcasing at the event.

When did you discover your artistic journey? “It started more than twenty years ago, when I took private lessons in Brazil. After moving to Sydney twelve years ago, I fell in love with Aboriginal art and since then pointillism (dot painting) has been my main signature style. My paintings are hugely inspired by Brazilian culture and you will notice that my creations have quite a bit of texture!”.

What keeps you going with your art? “It inspires and gives me joy when you view and experience my artworks as strong and powerful pieces, with fantastic energy, because that’s how I paint, with great vibes. I fully appreciate and respect the hard part of life, and I paint thinking I am here to try to make things better – either by making people feel good looking at my art, as well as by contributing to society and to charity through my work”.



Tell us about your solo exhibiting pieces. “There will be a huge selection of 17 pieces with aspects of Brazil that are close to my heart. And it is a privilege for me to be able to share these creations with you in Australia here are the list and description of each piece”.

Crazy Jungle – A mix of Australian and Brazilian animals living together in perfect harmony and happiness, as if there was no distance separating them.

Favela – Poverty, strength, community, war, love, music, parties, blood, suffering, challenges, despair, celebrations, life.

Capoeira – The ‘berimbau’, a single string percussion instrument, leads the rhythm. Amazingly flexible bodies move in a mix of martial art, dance and acrobatics. 

Becos (Laneways) – Parties, crime, love, stray cats, homeless people, bohemian dreams, the unexpected…

Carnaval (Carnival) – An explosion of sensations: time stands still, and life is only happiness, love, music, drums, endless colours and fun.


Brazilian artist


Niemeyer – Honouring architect Oscar Niemeyer, and his love of free flowing, sensual curves.

Graffiti – Street art on linen, a fusion of raw and luxury, social inequality.

Copan – Designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s, Copan, located in my hometown São Paulo, is one of the largest residential buildings in Brazil. It´s an icon, a mix of old and modern, a building with soul.

Macaw in Tiles – Athos Bulcão is called “The Artist of Brasilia”, famous especially for his murals made with unique tiles designed by himself. This scarlet macaw faces a wall inspired by Bulcão’s tile compositions.

Toucan in Tiles – Athos Bulcão is called “The Artist of Brasilia”, famous especially for his murals made with unique tiles designed by himself. This toucan stands proud near a wall inspired by Bulcão’s tile compositions.



Burle Marx – Honouring Roberto Burle Marx, who introduced modernist landscape architecture to Brazil and is responsible for Copacabana´s iconic promenade.

Índio – There are currently about nine hundred thousand Indigenous people in Brazil. They belong to 305 different ethnicities, and speak 274 different languages.

Sertões (The Bush) – “Sertão” is the equivalent of the Australian bush. The book “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands”, by João Guimarães Rosa, is a reference in Portuguese language literature, and fabulously describes the “sertões”.


Brazilian artist


Bossa Nova – A fusion of samba and jazz… I grew up listening to bossa nova, and my artworks have long been produced under the sound of this calming and delightful rhythm.

Divino – Sacred, spiritual, symbol of peace and protection.

Candomblé – Religion based on African beliefs. Around 5,5 million slaves were brought from Africa to labour in Brazil between 1530 and 1888.

Bonfim – Bonfim ribbons (or Bahia bands) are a symbol of faith and good luck. They are colourful and sold in bunches in Brazil. The ritual goes like this: wrap the ribbon around your wrist and make a wish. When the bracelet falls off on its own accord, the wish will come true.


Brazilian artist


Where do you see yourself in the next few years with your label? “This exhibition isn’t called Brazilian Dreaming by chance. I see myself in the future as one big inspiring dream, bringing the roots of Brazil and Australia together through my art, and indeed other parts of the world as well. Traveling is in my blood just as much as art is, and when I’m not traveling physically I’m traveling through my art – that are inspired by amazing places, things, nature and people. Hopefully in this journey I am also helping people in exchange, contributing to a better planet and fully embracing life”.


Flavia & hubby at Art Xtedia’s CNY event 


‘Brazilian Dreaming’ is a solo exhibition by Flavia Julius running from the 3rd to the 11th March 2017. The Collection features 17 original pieces that are influenced by Julius’ love affair between Brazil and Australia with her work bridging the two distinct cultures.

Join us for the opening night on Friday 3rd March from 6pm.

Penny Farthing Design House

51 Darling Street Balmain East    Instagram: @flaviajulius


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