Breaking Up is Tough | How To Get Her Back

Breaking Up is Tough | How To Get Her Back

breaking up

Relationships can be difficult. Breaking up is tough. Working out how to get her back is tougher still.

Before we show you how you might be able to salvage things, let’s take a look at the cause and how you can first become a better man.

The Harsh Truth of Co-dependency

For many men, being co-dependent on women for approval can be a source of anxiety and show the inability to cope with stress.

It’s important to understand that this is a common issue.

But, the good news is that there are many ways to work through it and become a healthier, more independent person.

In this article, we will discuss some of the types of men who struggle with co-dependency and explore strategies for overcoming this issue.

breaking up

Understanding Yourself As A Man
Type 1: Lack of Self Control

The first type of man may feel like he’s stuck in a rut and unable to make positive changes.

Mature women may sense that a man who struggles with co-dependency lacks a sense of control over his own life.

This can be a turn-off for mature women who value stability, security, and emotional maturity in a partner.

On the other hand, younger women may be less equipped to handle a co-dependent partner because they are still navigating their own challenges and developing their own sense of self.

Many younger women are focused on building their own lives, exploring new experiences, and establishing their independence.

They may not have the emotional maturity or life experience to recognise or cope with the complex dynamics of co-dependency.

Blind leading the blind.

What you could do

If this sounds like you, it’s a good chance to take charge of your life and start making positive changes.

Breaking up can sometimes lead to better things regardless of the difficult process.

This could mean taking steps to improve your career, health, or social life.

By taking control of your life, you’ll become more confident and independent, which will make you more attractive to women.

Type 2: Cheating or Promiscuous Behaviour

The second type of man who struggles with co-dependency is one who cheats or engages in promiscuous behaviour.

This type of behaviour can be a relationship killer and can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-esteem.

breaking up

What you could do

You need to understand why you feel the need to cheat or engage in promiscuous behaviour.

It could be a result of a lack of emotional intimacy in your current relationship or a need for validation and approval from others.

By addressing these underlying issues, you can learn to cultivate healthy relationships and build meaningful connections with others.

Escaping into another woman’s arms often feels good temporarily till the cracks begin to show and the toxic behaviour becomes repetitive.

You may look like the “Man” but deep down you know how lonely and empty you actually feel.

A person who cheats in a relationship often does it because they no longer like who they have become in the existing relationship.

Take a break (communicate that you are needing time to yourself) but don’t quit the relationship if alone time is all you need.

Type 3: Communication Issues

The third type of man who struggles with co-dependency is one who has communication issues.

He may expect others to read his mind, yet he’s unable to do the same for others. This can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and a breakdown in relationships.

This type of man may fear disagreements or rejection. He may also struggle to assert his own needs and desires.

This can create a pattern of dependency on his partner for emotional support and guidance, which can be unhealthy for both parties.

breaking up

What you could do

Why not work on your communication skills? This encompasses learning how to express yourself clearly and effectively, listening actively to others, and being open and honest in your interactions with others.

Type 4: Overly Co-Dependent on Women

Some men struggle with being overly co-dependent on women, trying to turn their partner into a mother figure, which can be unattractive to those seeking an equal partnership.

There could be unresolved issues from childhood or past relationships that they haven’t addressed.

They may have grown up with overprotective or controlling parents, or they may have had a past partner who took on a maternal role in their relationship.

As a result, they may seek out partners who they feel can provide them with the same level of care and support.

breaking up

However, this can create an unhealthy dynamic in the relationship, where the man becomes overly reliant on their partner for emotional support and guidance.

This can lead to a lack of independence and a loss of their own identity within the relationship, which can be unattractive to partners who seek an equal partnership.

What you could do

Try to cultivate a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. This can be achieved by taking care of yourself, pursuing your own interests and hobbies, and learning to find comfort in solitude.

By becoming self-reliant, you can not only overcome co-dependency but also become more attractive to partners by demonstrating emotional maturity and stability.

Type 5: Pack Mentality

The fifth type of man who struggles with co-dependency is one who is part of a pack mentality.

He may prioritise his friendships over his relationship, which can be a turn-off for women who are looking for a committed partner.

This type of man may fear losing his connection with his friends and may rank their opinions and approval higher than his own needs and desires.

breaking up

Fellas before Bellas isn’t a real thing. When you’re dying in the hospital, the fellas aren’t going to be there.

What you could do

In this case, it’s important to cultivate family values and pay attention to your relationships with your partner and family.

This will help you build a strong sense of connection and commitment that will make you a better man.

Importance of Understanding Toxic Traits

Breaking up can be tough, especially when you’re blindsided by the news that your significant other has ended the relationship.

It’s natural to feel hurt and confused, but it’s important to remember that this is not the end of the world. Also, going from one relationship to another isn’t solving your problems with commitment or being a reliable partner.

While it’s true that some relationships don’t work out, it’s best to approach the topic in a positive and constructive way. Take action to improve as a person, go to the gym, learn a hobby, go hiking, learn meditation. Get your shit together.

Dating apps can be fun but it’s not a rehabilitation center for avoiding painful feelings.

breaking up

Avoid rebounds; the effects on the random person you met after the break-up will not be good. Sure, you see a relationship with them as a way of handling your emotional turmoil but you have no intention of caring for them.

Taking advantage of someone who actually deserves a loving relationship, isn’t right. In saying this, they may not all want to marry you but they would probably prefer it if you were not wasting their time.

Meaning, be an eligible bachelor who has potential. Not a fixer upper they need to rehabilitate or work on.

Think about any behaviours that can make it difficult for others to form and maintain healthy, fulfilling connection with you.

With that in mind, here are a few considerations that can contribute to a healthy relationship:

1.    Acknowledge Different Roles in Relationships

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that both men and women have different roles in relationships.

Women are naturally oriented toward caring for infants and children. This means that they often have a different set of responsibilities in a relationship compared to men.

However, men have a unique set of responsibilities in a relationship that are just as vital as those of women.

These include providing emotional support, being a good listener, demonstrating respect and loyalty, and making time for meaningful interactions.

Men should also be proactive in taking care of their physical and mental health, contributing to household chores, and actively working towards achieving personal and shared goals.

By acknowledging and fulfilling these responsibilities, men can create a healthy, fulfilling relationship that benefits both partners.

2.    Taking Responsibility in a Relationship

One of the reasons why women may end a relationship is due to a lack of responsibility from their partner.

Responsibility is essential for men because it gives life meaning and purpose. Without it, men can become aimless and unproductive.

Playing video games whole day or for a an extended period of time isn’t solving your problem to not want to grow up.

If your ex-partner felt like you were not taking responsibility in the relationship, it’s essential to work on this aspect of yourself before entering into a new relationship.

Take some time to reflect on your values and what you want to accomplish in life. This will give you a sense of direction and help you feel more confident about your future.

3.    Handling Conflicts in a Relationship

Another reason why women may end a relationship is due to conflicts. It’s natural to have disagreements in any relationship, but it’s important to handle them in a healthy, constructive way.

According to a study by a world renowned psychologist, “a relationship with fewer than five positive interactions to every negative interaction is likely to collapse.

On the other hand, a relationship with more than eleven positive interactions to one negative interaction is also doomed” Jordan Peterson.

breaking up

This means that you should attempt to find a balance between having enough conflicts to make decisions and prevent boredom but also having enough positive interactions to strengthen the relationship.

How to Stop being Co-dependent on Women

In conclusion, co-dependency on women can be a common issue for many men. However, there are ways to overcome this issue and become a healthier, more independent person.

Ultimately, coping with a breakup is about finding ways to move forward positively.

You should try to understand why your relationship ended and take steps to work on yourself and your future goals.

Take the time to reflect on what you want out of life and what kind of partner you want to be for your future relationships.

By taking charge of your life, cultivating healthy relationships, and prioritising your own personal growth, you can become more attractive to the One.

This will enhance your ability to build meaningful, long-lasting connections.

Remember, the choice to improve as a person is yours. You can choose to waste time or take charge of yourself and become the best version of yourself.

breaking up

With the right attitude and approach, you can turn a breakup into a valuable learning experience and find happiness in the future.

Getting Her Back

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