Why Bringing Your Dog To Work Can Be Good For Business

Bringing Your Dog To Work Can Be Great For Business

bringing your dog to work

Our business moved to our own offices in October. As part of the change, our boss has allowed us to have our dog at work.

In 2008 Reed UK carried out a survey about pets in the workplace.

Around 8% of business now allow employees to bring their dogs into work.

Seems like we are now part of the 8%.

Aged 18, Milo loves his comfortable bed and has his daily routine when he comes along to the office.

His water must be fresh and his biscuit bowl is to be filled to the brim.

He greets everyone as they come in to work, goes up for a sniff and magnanimously allows them to stroke him before he takes his nap.

Then every hour or so he gets up and wanders around.

Going around he says his hellos and ensures that no one is having a snack that he can’t help them with.

The Benefits of having a Dog in the Workplace

As a small and elderly dog he only needs a 20 minute walk at lunchtime.

Walking him now is a treat for everyone.

As a manager of a small team, taking the pooch out has enabled me some great walks with my team.

Individually it has given me a chance to have real chats with them about their lives and how things are going on with work.

Everyone looks forward to joining us for a walk as a good break for them also.

This gives them an opportunity to discuss things they are not comfortable doing in front of the wider office.

In addition the walk with Milo has created a work atmosphere and safe environment where we can ensure that our small team is happy.

Milo also “KNOWS” things, he knows when people are hurt or upset.

When my boss hurt his shoulder, Milo felt the need to keep going between the desks to see if Julian was OK.

We even moved his bed to be closer to a colleague who had lost a grandparent.

In true dog spirit he ensured that he gave special attention to her as he knew that she just needed to have some support.

Even Milo’s snoring can provide a giggle on a bad Tuesday afternoon.

He is often an ice breaker even with the introverts and new customers.

Tackling the Work / Life Balance

For me personally having Milo in the office is a huge benefit to my working day and lifestyle.

My fur baby is getting older and I love knowing that when my husband is not at home in the day that Milo can be with me and not spend a 12 hour day on his own.

Your neighbors will also appreciate this if you have a dog that suffers anxiety and barks whole day home alone.

When he needs to have his walks, it is usually a good time for me to have a break also.

Leaving for work at 7:30am and rarely getting home until 7pm, having Milo also has a benefit to my work life balance.


Milo Adds Productivity to Our Business

He doesn’t just hold a HR role as an Office Dog, Milo has also been planned into our content and social media strategy.

Results has proved that our customer engagement has increased by as much as 40% with Milo around.

This has also greatly added to our social media where people have identified with us as a small business and the charity aspect of My Favourite Voucher Codes.

However, It’s not always heart and flowers. Milo can be a distraction and sometimes doesn’t quite know when to settle down during a meeting.

Either way he brings great joy and comfort to the office.

If you have a dog that is not settling in quite easily, give it a few days till he understands the new routine.

So to sum up how fortunate I am with Milo, 12 hours days has not been bad at all.

I get to be with my best friend and get to walk through some of Britain’s most beautiful parks.

If it gets too difficult and stressed at work why not look to making changes?

Trying something new like having a dog in the office can be a healthy habit.

At least have the “bring your dog to work day” every Monday.

It can relief stress for an anxiety sufferer or simply create a better office environment for everyone.

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