The Buckarise Binallure Scam & Fraud Activities


Binallure is a company which has recently advertised heavily on social media. It is also coming under heavy scrutiny from potential buyers. Is it legitimate or a scam?

When buying online, you should apply the same rules as you would if you were buying from a bricks and mortar store.

It is wise to check company information, customer reviews, and satisfaction ratings where available.

Sometimes, even the length of time a company has been in business can have a bearing on a customer’s experience.

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You can’t check the quality of the item you’d like to purchase in person but you can learn from those people who have already dealt with the business.

Two different names for the same firm

Buckarise, which also goes by Binallure, has a .com website, which was established on 10 October 2022. It is valid for a year until 9 October 2023.

It sells a selection of fashionable items including table lamps, desk lamps and color burst toys. Categories include Dobi table lamp, Type 75 desk lamp, Margaret Howell 374026 and Skwish color burst toys.

Offering very cheap prices, the Buckarise site cannot possibly be making a profit. In addition, it doesn’t seem to have a facility to pay using PayPal.

Inputting card details to a new site can come with risks, and buyers should always be aware of the steps to take if they need a refund or find their card has been compromised.

Free standard shipping but authorized returns only

Binallure offers free standard shipping on all orders, with processing time usually taking between 1-2 days.

Paid delivery is optional, with USPS first class shipping costing $6.99 and taking 15-20 business days. Express shipping costs $9.99 and delivery usually takes 7-15 business days.

That will give an idea of how long standard shipping might take.

Returns to this site would have to be swift, as the returns policy states only items received back within 30 days of the date of delivery and authorized for return will be refunded.

Authorization is obtained by contacting their customer service team at support at binallure com to request a return authorization number.

Looking at the estimated delivery times, that would give dissatisfied buyers around a week to 10 days to get the return underway unless express delivery was used to return the item.

A strange address and a low trust rating

That’s another thing to be aware of. The site may be operating under Buckarise com, but the only available email address is given as support at binallure com.

That seems strange – why use one name for the website and another for the email address? 

The contact postal address is nominally in London, but the address itself does not seem to exist. It is given as 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom.

There is no such location in Southampton Row. Searching the street address brings up lists of people who have ordered goods from companies using this address but they have received either nothing or something they did not order.

Great London is not a place, and the postcode is incorrect as given. British postcodes are not formed like that, and the closest possible option in the correct format does not exist according to the Royal Mail website.

As a final thought, the telephone number also returns a negative rating as a likely scam number when searched.

Not only has the site only been established for a few months, it also appears to have a super low trust rating. The trust score is just 1%. One per cent. That’s pretty much as low as you can get.

There are no social media links, so no easy way to raise a response from the business, ask a quick question or query anything.

They currently advertise through a Facebook page called Thesisbit F with little to no engagement, selling their products as little as $29.90 – $59.90 plus $9.90 freight cost.

Our speculation is that, since they do not have PayPal (a trusted and legitimate 3rd party payment option which has buyer protection) they will have to eventually give you the excuse that the item was lost in logistics.

Your credit card company may conduct an investigation after some time but when you realise they never actually sent you a confirmation email, the money could be untraceable if Buckarise (Binallure) decides to close business.

binallure scam

A final thought

Buckarise (Binallure) does, however, have a valid SSL certificate and https setting, with the usual policies clearly stated.

Potential buyers would be well advised to take all of this on board before deciding to deal with this company.

We hope this review helps you identify legitimate companies and what to look out for before making online purchases. Always read a company’s online review and customer rating moving forward. 

If something sounds too good to be true, double check as many times and do your own due diligence.

There are millions of legitimate businesses that are transitioning online so you can’t assume everyone online is a scam because of the bad ones.

The unethical ones are TEACHING you a valuable lesson not to be gullable and careful with where you spend your hard earned money.

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