Coloring-In Design Books for Grown Ups with Mandala Artist Tanja Louise

Coloring in design books

Coloring-In Design Books are specially designed to help you creatively express yourself. It is no longer only a child’s play but has been found to be greatly supporting grown-ups too.

So when you are feeling stressed or anxious, get that Coloring-In Design Books and embrace your inner Picasso!

There are so many factors that can lead to stress and anxiety; even just by comparing your life to anyone else is enough to make you anxious, as you feel everyone else is living the dream life, while you are not.

These thought patterns are not beneficial to your well-being. So by actively engaging in  therapeutic activity, it will greatly help you feel better.

While traditional stress-releasing exercises like yoga and meditation are more popular than ever, Coloring-In Design Books happens to be the easiest and most relaxing for adults who engage in them. Coloring-In Design Books make this form of art therapy accessible to everyone around the globe, and the benefits are wide-ranging. This kind of art therapy has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of various ailments such as post-traumatic stress conditions, depression, anxiety, stress and dementia. More-so it has been found to help people better cope with a cancer diagnosis.

A lot of famous celebs and individuals such like Alicia Keys and Gigi, are said to be actively utilizing Coloring-In Design Books their life into more blissful and calm. It has been proven many times by health professionals, that the human heart rate tends to calm down, while the brain waves also translate into meditative moods – relaxing the entire body, mind and soul!

coloring-in design books

The art and engagement offers us benefits that are both physiological as much as also psychological.

To get into the art of coloring in – you simply have to concentrate deeply without distractions so as to ensure you don’t get outside the lines. Once you can do this effectively, you will find yourself easily tapping into that creative state of mind where you put your energy into coloring.

So as grown-ups, we all need to plug back in to the old times of freedom when we used to draw and be creative. It helps provide time that initiates us to be free of stress and anxiety, and wholly free from life of judgment and competition, among other disorders.

We highly recommend this creative art and engagement, as it takes you into the world of freedom and peace of mind.

coloring-in design books

Tanja Louise Mandala Artist


Here is our very own Mandala Design Artist Tanja Louise from Australia who has actually made her art into coloring -in books for children and adults.

Say hello to our final artist of the month -Tanja Louise grew up in a rural town Australia, the youngest of four siblings, she has always had a keen interest in Art. Tanja predominately works with pencil art, but also uses ink and watercolour. She has not completed any formal qualifications in Art, and has self taught herself all aspects of her works, making her works truly unique.

She has had her works in several local art shows and galleries, and also completed works on consignment. Tanja’s art comprises of intricate drawings, which include dotwork and mandalas, and also photorealism. Here is what she has to say when we interviewed this young and highly talented artist.

Why and when did you first start to create? “I have always had a keen interest in Art throughout my life, all through school I was always the arty one. I experimented with many forms of art throughout my schooling, combining my love of art and textiles to create unique wearable art.  Although I chose not to go on to do any formal training in art, I have managed to self-teach myself all aspects of my art creations. This I believe, does help to make my works extremely distinctive and gives it its own uniqueness”.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your work and how often do you draw? “I take my inspiration from my own spirituality, from the nature around me, my love of music, and my own intuition. What inspires me one week, might not necessarily inspire me the next week.  A lot of my designs are influenced by my own personal interests at the time, such as my collection of crystals and dream catchers that I have in my art room”.


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“Most weeks I will draw every day, but sometimes I might go a few days without feeling the need to draw.  Although the last few months I have dedicated myself completely to my art, due to my new inspiration and love of mandalas”.

What technique and material do you use? “I predominately work with ink, but I also use pencils and watercolours. I like to experiment with many different mediums, and also combining different elements together to create truly unique art. My art comprises of intricate drawings, including mandalas, dotwork, and also photorealism. I have done many works on commission for drawings from photos of children, families and even pets, with many people not being able to tell the difference between the two. 

How long do you take complete an artwork/project? “Some projects can take a few hours, to up to, or more than 60 hours to complete, depending on the complexity and size of the pieces.  I have done a work on commission that involved seven large poster size (100cm x 80cm) mandala yoga poses, which took several months to complete the whole series”.

Where do you see yourself as a professional artist in the next 5 years? “In the ideal world I would love to have my own studio, where I can have space dedicated to my artwork, and a place to display and sell my pieces.  

What advice or words of wisdom can you give others about creativity? “To go with your heart and soul in your art pieces, do what you love for the right reasons, not just because you have to. If you don’t do what you love, how can you love what you do!! 

You can find Tanja’s beautiful creations on our gallery pages and purchase some of her drawings for special occasions. Write to us for custom sized reproductions and or to inquire about her available original pieces.

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