Colour Personality Experts Reveal What It Really Says About You

Colour Personality Experts

Colour personality experts in the field of colour science have researched and concluded over time that your favorite colour says a lot about who you really are in terms of your character and outlook in life.

Feelings and emotions can also be influenced by what we see and prefer to wear or have in our surroundings. Are you a vibrant red or cool blue person? Let’s find out.

These are the very basic and fundamental factors of colours that make up your personality – something you may never have considered before now:

The RED Colour: Red stands for extroversion and it relates to people who have more will to live life at its fullest. If you love red with passion, then it is likely that you are a very outgoing person, somewhat belligerent, spontaneous, perchance very athletic, and very quick to reveal your feelings and emotions.

As someone drawn to red colour, you want life to be always vibrant and happy, and in the scene where it is the opposite, you quickly become confused and upset. Research shows that your personality trait dislikes monotony, and you are very swift to judge others. You are also fast when it comes to forming opinions and bravely expressing them.


Colour Personality Experts


The ORANGE Colour: If you love orange colour passionately, it means you are good-natured, easygoing and social! You are also someone who can easily make friends, and love to smile along such course. You also have a talent for small talks with others on a cordial ground.

You would rather prefer friendliness and good companionship than concentrating on ‘adoration’. Your personality makes you a natural born politician, and it is likely that you will always excel at any occupation in which involves groups of people.

The YELLOW Colour – If you are easily drawn and inclined to yellow, then your personality trait will be one that has very great expectations for self-fulfillment. The yellow colour is the tone of idealism. It also means that you recognize that you have a superior mind of your own and you value using it to the fullest – to your advantage.  Sometimes you may feel awkward – however you don’t easily get rattled over issues.

Studies reveal that you are very good at making and communicating plans, however don’t have the energy most times to see them through. You are simply very logical and consistent in your reasoning.

The GREEN Colour – Research shows your personality to be consistent in your acts and ways, very persevering, levelheaded and respectable. You also happen to be an outspoken person – one who has love of freedom. If you love green a lot, it is general to say that you have lots of friends, probably live in a good neighborhood, and also belong to several social organizations. You simply love to party and you love good food. You place high premium and value on your social standings, financial position and integrity.


Colour Personality Experts

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The Blue Colour:  Love for blue colour reveals a personality that is calm, dependable and trustworthy. You value harmony and peace, and people find you very caring!

The Black Colour: This reveals a personality that is strong-willed and well determined. You are indeed enigmatic and very charming! Research shows that you can be very sophisticated and will always be in vogue/style.

The White Colour: This reveals a personality trait that is simple, very neat, diplomatic, peaceful and very immaculate. You are seen to be very optimistic about life and others love being around you – since you exude happiness. You also love to be very detail-oriented, and can be well self-sufficient!


Colour Personality Experts



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