Colour Therapy Made Fun & Easy

colour therapy

Colour therapy can be used for many health benefits and is simply all around us. If you really pay attention to it even as you read this article you will notice colours have an impact on your mood in your surroundings and even the outdoors.

Colours have the abilities to excite your senses consciously and sub-consciously. Colours have their origins and it is as old as the beginning of creation itself.

Colour is a form of light and energy and is obvious to the eyes because it reflects, bends, and diverts thru all sorts of particles, molecules and objects.

Using Colour Therapy for Healing Purposes

Colour therapy and healing is technically referred to as ‘chromotherapy’ or in other words ‘light therapy’.

Colour therapy is an all-inclusive healing process which utilizes the visible spectrum of light and colour to impact on an individual’s mood, physical or mental health.

With diverse colours and their healing potentials, a particular colour can fall within a particular frequency and vibration, which goes on further to contribute to certain properties that can be utilized to influence or impact the energy and frequencies within a person’s body.

With colour therapy, and given the distinct frequencies and vibrations they possess, particular colours get into the body and activate hormones which cause chemical reactions within the body system, further influencing sensations and assisting the body to heal.


colour therapy

Grunge by Julie J

The use of colour therapy can be beneficial to folks with brain disorders or people with emotional troubles.

Typically, the color blue can help to create a soothing calm effect which can then go on to lower blood pressure.

The colour red may trigger an opposite effect. Another colour similar to calming effects like blue is the colour green used to calm folks who are emotionally unbalanced.

The colour yellow can be utilized to help enliven individuals who might be suffering from some sort of depression.

The overall idea about this kind of therapy is that colour is absorbed thru a person’s eyes, skin, and body thru a ‘magnetic energy field’.

It is this aura and energy of colour that impacts us on all levels, i.e. physically, spiritually and emotionally. To pass colours thru this therapy, it can be achieved thru Solarized Water, Light boxes, Colour Cards, and hands on healing methods.

Since several practitioners within the orthodox and complementary treatment arena are now treating patients in a more holistic manner considering the body, mind and spirit,

colour therapy can be so helpful since this concept addresses all levels of our being.

Nothing that currently exists is by chance, as all are designed and created for a purpose and colour is no exception.

All that is required of us is to intensify our awareness of the energy of colour and how it can transform our lives and those of others around us.

A professional therapist can also help you find your colour personality during this process. The capacity for absolute health and well-being dwells within all.

Finally, colour therapy is safe and secure to use solely or together with any other therapy whether orthodox or some other complementary therapy.

It is completely safe and helpful for everyone: adults, children and animals as well.

So go ahead and lift your mood with some vibrant and exciting colours around you or wear a soothing colour to keep your personal rhythm at bay.

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