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Content Guideline & Membership

This content writing guideline is an important tool to follow because it helps meet our magazine’s standards.

And most importantly, we aim to provide an easy reading experience for our audience.

A recent study conducted by Microsoft indicated that people’s attention span is becoming less than of a goldfish.

And the term Doom scrolling happens typically amongst mobile phone users due to constant swiping and scrolling.

So to help readers focus, we’ve created a short block writing style.

Following a content writing guideline is the best way to ensure that your piece is suitable for the website and is going to rank well on search engines.

Writing a blog or content article can be a fun and rewarding experience.

A/X Publisher Digital has a wide variety of categories that allows you the flexibility to write about your expertise.

Spend some time on our front page and get inspired with ideas.

Get to know our style of publishing great articles as you plan your content creation.

Here are some steps to help you write successfully:

1. Choose a topic

Choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to your target audience.

It should be something that you are passionate about and have knowledge in.

For example, your experiences when traveling, cooking a new dish or how to cleanse using a sugar scrub.

2. Research

Research the topic thoroughly to gather information and ideas.

Use reliable sources such as books, articles, and reputable websites.

3. Create an outline

Create an outline to organize your thoughts and ideas.

This will help you stay on track and ensure that you cover all the important points.

4. Write the first draft

Start writing your first draft using the outline. Don’t worry too much about perfect grammar and spelling at this stage.

Just focus on getting your ideas down on paper.

5. Edit and revise

Once you have finished your first draft, edit and revise it.

Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure that your writing flows well and is easy to read.

6. Add images

Adding images to your blog post can make it more engaging and visually appealing.

Choose images that are relevant to your topic and of high quality.

7. Our Niche

We cater to a wide variety of categories which you can find under Discover What Matters Most To You on our front page. Restricted from adult contents, celebrity gossips and fake news.

8. Publish and promote

When you are happy with your blog post, publish it on A/X Publisher Digital and promote it on social media and other channels to drive traffic to your site.

Remember to always write for your audience and provide value in your blog post.

With practice, you’ll become more skilled at writing great article content.

After the initial groundwork it then becomes easy to login and submit your piece.

We have several options for writers, bloggers, content producers and businesses.

The sooner you publish on A/X Publisher Digital, the higher your article ranks on Google and search engines.

content guideline

How to Get Started

Once the annual membership fee is paid, you will receive a complimentary content submission placement. We will create an account for you on our magazine and provide you with all the necessary instructions.

Throughout your membership, you can then purchase unlimited content submissions for as little as $55 per article, with a word count ranging from a minimum of 650 to a maximum of 950 words.

For exclusive interviews, press release and high-ticket sales content, these are considered premium services. We will arrange a Zoom meeting before providing you with a custom quote.

To ensure we are a good match for your needs, we will gather information about your business during this personalized consultation.

Regarding topical articles, they will be published promptly based on availability. If you require urgent publication, please ensure the content is error-free, and specify the exact date you wish to see it published.

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