Content Writing Strategy & Using The Word 'You'

Content Writing Strategy & Using The Word ‘You’

content writing strategy

Content Writing is currently the most important factor in most businesses since online presence drives the maximum ROI.

Likewise, the way you write your contents have also changed. People are more intrigued by personalization over details.

Change of trends in website content

Along with technology, people’s minds have developed. Things no longer work the way they used to be in the past.

Direct advertising, informative brochures, and telemarketing are no longer among the top marketing strategies.

People have become smarter and harder to sell. They are bored with direct sales or base information.

Content Writing strategy

Today, people make decisions based on how they feel (user experience). They are only interested if they feel connected.

That’s where website content writing comes in.

If you do a bit of research, you will see that websites used to contain a lot of ‘We’ in it. Companies used to focus more on what they offered or what they achieved. And somehow that worked.

But such a website today won’t see daylight. Today, a company with a website focused only on themselves will find it really difficult to get more prospects.

Medium-sized companies or startup businesses need to put real effort on website contents when trying to attract prospects.

What are prospects thinking?

Let us look into a big flaw that most upcoming businesses overlook. It is the importance of the word ‘You”.

What do I mean by “You”? By “You” I mean the reader, the audience, the prospect.

When we write website contents, some of us think that the reader needs to learn about us. And we give more and more details.

But that’s what we are doing wrong.

How many of us are actually thinking what the reader is thinking?

Content Writing strategy

Let’s put it this way.

When you go to a website, what is the first question you have in mind?

Do you think about what that business has achieved and how they run their business activities and offers? Is that your first thought?


You actually think about how you will benefit from this business. 

You think about how this business will actually make a difference for you.

For example, if you go to a website that does web development, the first thing you think is, if they will be able to create a website that meets YOUR goal.

You think about if they will be able to deliver the quality YOU need. 

Once you know that you can benefit from them, only then you look into more details such as their work process, price, testimonials, and other stuff.

But most importantly, you continue reading only if they connect with you; only if you feel that they understand what you need.

In the same way, prospects visiting your website, have the same intentions; to get benefits for themselves.

Who visit’s your site?

Let’s understand this better. A person will only want to know more details about your company for 3 possible reasons:

  1. He is a critic or another content writer who wants to research on your company.
    2. He is one of your competitors who want to learn more about you.
    3. He is an actual prospect who will benefit from your service.

And the third scenario is what we want to achieve.

Content Writing strategy

Providing raw details will be helpful for the first two types of visitors, but to attract the third, we need to have good website content focused on them, not us. 

Now, if a prospect is on your website and knows that you provide the service he/she needs, that doesn’t mean they will choose you.

They will probably look into several competitors who provide the same service as well, before taking a decision.

In fact, there is a possibility that even if you have the best offer, a prospect might choose another competitor just because they believe it will be more beneficial.

So what can you do? How can you change their minds?

Your answer, “You”.

Connect through emotions

Remember this, in today’s market, people don’t buy products or services. They buy emotions.

Content Writing strategy

Yes, emotions.

They know you provide the service they need. Still, they might reject you for other competitors, unless…

Unless you can create a connection emotionally.

That is where proper engaging website content is crucial.

By reading the contents of your site, a prospect must feel emotionally attached.

He must feel that you know his pain points and you will get him a solution.  

Most importantly, that prospect must feel that you are specifically speaking with him only. He must feel that you are directly talking with him, and not a general audience.

Now how will you do it? The magic word is “You”.

“You” is the way.

Everything that “we provide”, everything “we can do for all”, everything “we have achieved”, all will be outdone just by using the special word “You”.

It’s not everything that we provide, its everything that “You” will get.

Not everything we can do for all, it’s everything we can do for “You”.

And, it’s not everything we achieved, it’s everything “You” will achieve through us.

That is what connects with you emotionally and hooks you to me and my service. That is the power of the word “You”.

Are you connected?

Now let’s look at a live example.

Remember the part where I gave an example about you visiting a website and what you think when you do?

You probably did imagine about a real situation when you went to a site. And you were probably trying to figure out if you actually asked yourself those questions.

In fact, throughout this article, I kept on talking with you directly. And just because I used the word “You”, you felt personalized and hopefully connected.

That’s the same effect the word “You” can have on your prospects when using “You” in the website content.

Implementing “You” tactics

Now let’s look at a direct example of contents. Check out these two paragraphs.

“We are experts that have developed websites for several clients. Our clients are always satisfied with our services. We make sure to offer the latest technology and we give our customers the best outcome.”

Each of these is basically giving the same message to the reader:

The company has experts that will give satisfactory service with the latest technology and full commitment.

However, the first one is only talking about themselves. They are talking about their achievement and how they generally help all clients.

The second paragraph, however, is talking directly with you. You feel personalized. And you will immediately relate yourself with the solution they can provide for you.

You can see the difference in how the same message, written in two different ways, can affect you psychologically.


Remember, your prospect wants to know what you can do for him/her first. So talk with him/her directly.

Use the word “You” effectively and get personalized with your prospect. Make him feel important. Connect with them emotionally. Solve their problem.

Yes, it is important to have a smart SEO strategy to improve your site’s traffic, but once they are here, it’s up to your website content to hook them up.

The word “You” is a big step towards success in content writing and sooner you can learn to use it effectively, the sooner you will see an increase in conversions of potential prospects.

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C Shakhawat Sultan works at RexTheme / CodeRex as a Business Development Manager. He is a professional in content marketing, with a passion. He is highly motivated and contributes to the online community on a regular basis. Follow his work you will enjoy his content.


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