Sydney Massage Therapist On Bio-electric Therapy

Sydney massage therapist

We at Healing Hands Australia are proud to announce that we’ve been helping clients with this healing massage. It is now accredited and training is provided by an Australian Academy, ABMMA in Queensland. We are the very few trained to be practicing this treatment in Sydney. What is Bioelectric Massage? Bioelectric is an innovative treatment that has a deep relaxing, detoxifying, […]

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What Is BIOELECTRIC MASSAGE Sydney Therapist Explains

Bioelectric Massage

Bioelectric, also known as Bioelectric massage or Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy (BMMT), is a gentle manual therapy that is used when providing deep tissue remedial massage by a professional therapist. It can be safely applied to all ages, from babies to the elderly, and has advantages for both the client and the therapist. This alkalising, detoxifying and relaxing massage is […]

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