Creative Business Coaching with Elissa Freeman from Brisbane

Creative business coaching is truly one of the most essential professional training an artist can have. In your career or pursuit in the art business, have you ever felt unsure of the next step? Would you like to have more clients wanting to buy your art? Do you know what you need to do but aren’t actually doing it?

Would you agree that some artists become successful while others do not? Would you agree that the world would be a very dull place indeed if it weren’t for the contribution of artists? Would you agree that the right piece of art completely makes a space?

Twenty years ago Elissa Freeman was an award-winning fashion designer; some years ago she began coaching and mentoring creative people, and this year she launched the Elissa Freeman Academy – Personal and Professional Development for Creatives.

Working with hundreds of people around the world, she has found three main problems that creative people tend to face regarding their careers.

  1. They do not fully value their work. Creative people do not fully value their work. Unfortunately, when they do not value their work, others do not either. When people do not value a piece of art, they are very unlikely to purchase it. Artists must understand the value of their work so that potential costumers will as well.
  • Artists often underprice their work.
  • They can be vague about their prices.
  • Some do not have set prices or a system to price their work.
  • They can give away their time or their pieces as if they were worthless.
  • They often have jobs that they do not love just so they can keep up their creative endeavours.
  • They can be very uncomfortable with the art of selling.
  1. They tend to be perfectionistic. What many artists have yet to realise is that everything is already perfect; their art is a journey. Every step is an adventure and it is perfect in that moment.
  • They often do not know when to stop working on a piece.
  • They are not always sure when it is finished.
  • They can believe it is not good enough.
  • They can be unhappy with their finished pieces.
  • They can compare their work with previous works.
  • They can compare their work to other artists’ works.

creative business coaching

  1. They often do not value themselves highly enough. If artists do not feel confident or have yet to realise their own value, it is unlikely that anyone else will fully appreciate them. This can exist on a conscious or subconscious level. In general, artists’ sense of self-worth could do with some improvement.
  • They tend not to reward themselves when they deserve it.
  • They can display self-destructive behaviour.
  • They can consistently put off doing those things that would advance their creative career.
  • They can become overwhelmed easily.
  • At times they can feel unsupported or unloved.
  • They can feel small and insignificant.
  • They can wait to be discovered rather than taking action and ownership of their success.
  • They often have not yet formed a professional support network or engaged people to assist them.


Elissa says that any one of these three main challenges can stop a creative career in its tracks. Fortunately, she has developed a program to systematically clear out the baggage that causes artists not to fully value their work or themselves and teaches them to be precise without being a perfectionist. It’s heartbreaking when an artist struggles with these issues. The world needs creativity and being an artist needs to be a more highly valued profession.

It is virtually impossible to do it alone and it takes a team very much like Art Xtedia team where it takes a group of the expert artisans to have made this successful creative portal what it is. Every artist could benefit significantly from having someone support them and help them connect the dots. The creatives who have invested in her academy’s programs have found that by doing this, they have doubled their incomes or gained overall clarity, become more emotionally balanced and increased their creative output. They have gained the tools to sell their work, plan their futures, remove their creative blocks and overcome their fears and limiting beliefs about themselves.

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creative business coaching


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