Creative Business Ideas For Visual Artist

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Many creative business ideas can be fun to implement when in a highly competitive environment.

Especially in the bigger cities with bigger population, the art industry can be stagnant.

However, it’s better for you to take control and be in charge of where your creations should be flourishing.

Taking baby steps is the best way to solve some problems you might face in the beginning.

These steps may not be a business template but as a simple layout, when followed it can give you great results.

Remember to keep it simple and maintain your own unique style of artistic endeavors.


easy making ideas

1.Write and map out your branding

It will be good for you to start by writing in pencil and tweaking it until it feels right. Till it resonates with you as an artist very much like when you start on an art project.

Never mind the number of times you may have to rewrite, the important part is to start and like a beta test be prepared for trial and errors until you find what works for you.

Think of a brand name or use your original name and make it stand out with a difference.

The privilege you have as an artist is that ideas come to you faster than they do to most people so use that skill in your business ideas.

2. What are you selling?

This may seem obvious but you may be surprised to know that it takes more than a pretty picture to sell art.

Your audience want value to what your art represents so make it a story they can relate to and have an emotional connection with.

It all says in the name of your creations for example the name Blush would naturally relate to women and femininity or Gold Prosperity would relate to Feng Shui and good luck that appeals a lot to the eastern culture.

Have an idea on how you would like to leverage your art,  are you going to paint the same style and sell your originals or are your prints at a greater chance of reaching wide?

In my opinion, selling original art can be over rated because you never know which basement it could end up in.

After all your hard work put into painting, be selective on who and how you sell your work.


easy money making

Gold Prosperity by Julie J.Gallery

3. How, where and who?

These are important questions, so it is important like with all other businesses to have a plan in action.

Once you have your name and type of art product you obviously want to start selling but how and where are you going to deliver this and who are your fans.

If you have never sold your art or feel like this is an intimidating process, then start by giving it away for free and that is how you test your market and responses.

Start making art for the people closest to you and it will give you the confidence you need to gradually exchange your product for money.

In the mean time you can take it a step further and build your fan base on social media by taking pictures of your art and getting yourself exposure.

You will be very pleased to see your target market growing when people like what they see.

4. Tips for getting money into your pocket

It can be costly for some to hire a professional photographer to showcase on your website or to sell on platforms like Contrado UK.

So the easiest thing to do for starters is to paint your creations on a smaller canvas and take it to your local printers or if you have a good machine then scan, upload and print it in poster sizes.

You can work towards hiring a professional photographer later.

You may need your friends and family who are good with digital to help you with image resolution and colour enhancement.

5. Grow as an individual and develop into an expert artist

Keep evolving your art and business and utilize as much social media platforms that have video courses and tips.

We are co-creators simply conveying a story in our paintings so get involved with your local council or school hall that encourages artistic professional development.

Remember these simple ways  or watch this video and learn from the experts.

Do what it takes to be the best you can be as a person whose life purpose is that of an artist because “a true artist inspires” (Salvador Dali).

money making ideas

To learn more on how to expand on your skills click here for free online courses.

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