Creative Business Ideas for Visual Artists

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There are several creative business ideas that could work with your creativity. These ideas are quite easy to implement if you know how! And in clear reality, there is a wide range of ways you can make money as an artistic person. Read on and enjoy the following creative business ideas and ensure to get at least one fresh idea for generating an extra source of income.

1. Selling Your Print and Reproductions

It is an easy path as it is a sure way to make money. It can also be completely rewarding and lucrative when you see people using calendars, mugs and cushion covers with your art printed on them. Professionally printing fabrics with art design is also quite in demand these days.

However it does require some commitment like getting prints made and delivered. Modern technology has helped minimize this hassle factor. With the right tech and tools in order, you can sell prints of your work without much stress.

You can showcase your artwork with us at AX Lifestyle, as people may like to buy your prints online. There are also platforms like Etsy and Redbubble who help you set up your own store with them as merchants. The profit margin after cost of goods is calculated becomes yours to keep whenever a print is sold on these platforms. Shipping is usually handled by them too.

Creative Business Ideas


2. Go the extra mile – get on the Streets

Some renowned and high paying artist actually did take their drawing to the streets at busy centers – drawing on floors to create amazing art works and 3D illusions. If you are confident enough that your art is something that you don’t mind showing off in front of others, you can let people watch you do your thing -at work, and get some contributions from those who love what they see. Some artist make lots of dollars on good days drawing quick live drawings and paintings.

Commissioned work is also definitely the best way forward when it comes to capitalizing on your money making ideas if you love custom paintings and drawings for others. Give your time and energy to those who would appreciate your art and gradually you will serve your niche as you grow and develop into a professional artist.


3. You can Teach an Online Art Course

If you have the creative skills, why not teach others what you do and earn great incomes from doing what you know and love to do.

You can easily create your own art teaching job, and this requires no formal qualifications, and can be conveniently done from the comfort of your own home.

You can register at sites like Youtube and upload your video. This will gradually help you in expanding your influence. Udemy is also great for online teaching. The big advantage here is that your course content can be produced in digital format, uploaded thru any recognized/approved online teaching platform, and have students from all parts of the world enroll to get trained.

You enjoy unlimited number of enrolled students in this case and there is no limit to the amount of money you can generate. Udemy offers a wide range of art courses, hence if you know that you can create a cool art course, get in touch with the platform and offer your services – and get paid.


Creative Business Ideas

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4. Be Sociable Be Likable 

This is probably the best way for you to have a one on one relationship with your clientele based on your type of artwork. The best places to get the word out would be your local school hall, cafes and the FF members of your network (friends and family).

We encourage artist to have a social media accounts and use it to your fullest advantage as it is important to add this to your money making ideas. Think of it as your market research place – the likes are your lead magnets, people have shown a slight interest and enthusiasm for your craft. You can nurture and build on gaining their trust with consistent engagement and content.

However be aware that statistic shows it takes 20 to 25 impressions on social media for people to want to make a purchase online and 74% of consumers respond to your social media popularity before making a purchase meaning your likes and reviews are your best friends. For more insights into the world of social media try looking at these expert videos for inspiration.

5. Get Your S*^% Together

Now as an artist myself I understand our tendency to be swayed into doing more fun stuff than getting our business affairs in order. You can start by giving yourself a label or brand name and work your way up to getting a business card. Be professional right from the beginning even if you feel vulnerable and clueless. All professionals were once also a disaster so until you make ridiculously trial and errors you are not growing and learning.

Remember that anything that offers value to another person can be legitimately exchanged for money. Let your creative works pay your bills!

Enjoyed this money making ideas and want to earn some money with us? Let us showcase and promote you as one of our own for free! We will display and use your art on our promotional materials with credits to you.

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