Are Hair Growth Pills Safe Or Is It Just A Gimmick?

Hair growth pills

In Australia, there are only two drugs approved for hair loss treatment; topical Minoxidil 2-5% applications and oral Finasteride 1mg (Propecia) in tablet form. Over the past few years, there has been a trend of oral “mini pills” in medical literature and a steady increase of online stores claiming the benefits of their oral ‘pill’ type solutions for hair growth. […]

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Surprising Remedies for Serious Conditions

remedies for serious conditions

While there have been tremendous advances in health care in recent years, sometimes effective treatments and solutions are found in the strangest of places, or even by chance! Scientists are unlocking some surprising new treatment options for a diverse range of conditions such as Dry Eye Syndrome, excessive sweating, depression and even for emergency situations like heart attacks. The Accidental […]

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Are You Buying Products That Are Exposed To Sun Damage?!

sun damage

From bulk purchase to small travel size, plastic bottles and other forms of packaging are an important commodity. Some even designed as decorations and ornaments for display. That said, these products when placed under direct sunlight can actually be very harmful. “Packaging material may catalyze oxidation reactions in photosensitive products and reduce their shelf life”. Leda Coltro; Joyce Borghetti SciLo […]

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Food Allergy or Intolerance? The Food Is Not The Issue!

food allergy

Have you or someone you know been affected by food intolerance? Are you currently eliminating a food group? Are you stuck on a restrictive diet for symptom relief? As a Nutritionist who specialises in the management of food intolerance, and a life-long sufferer of digestive issues, I understand. First, let me say that I am pleased with the increased awareness […]

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Sydney Massage Therapist On Bio-electric Therapy

Sydney massage therapist

Bioelectric massage also known as Bio-electric therapy is now available in Australia. This innovative treatment is relaxing, detoxifying, and alkalizing, in addition to providing endless health benefits and is an essential service for pain management. The team that engineered this technology had invented it to help prevent the outbreaks and diseases that were spreading in parts of Asia. The aim […]

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What Is BIOELECTRIC MASSAGE Sydney Therapist Explains

Bioelectric Massage

Bioelectric Massage has now launched in Sydney! Also known as Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy (BMMT), it is a gentle manual therapy that can be used when providing deep tissue remedial massage by a professional therapist. It can be safely applied to all ages, from babies to the old, and has advantages for both the client and the therapist. This alkalising, […]

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Essential Oil For Meditation & Staying Focused

Essential Oil For Creative Energy

Our bodies naturally tends to produce what is necessary for our well being and sometimes it might have been”over used” of our capacity. Fortunately there is nothing like a little bit of natural boost from mother nature in a bottle that can’t help. If you’re a creative person, you may experience times where it is difficult to come up with […]

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How To Relief Stress with Yin and Yang Meditation in 2 Minutes

activate creative energy

This very simple yet powerful form of Yin and Yang meditation is known for making you feel centered and balance. The feeling of calmness is instant and you never have to worry about silencing your mind! It’s very much like an atom which is the central building block of all matter. It tends to strive in the direction of balancing positive (proton) […]

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