Food Allergy or Intolerance? The food is not the issue!

food allergy

Have you or someone you know been affected by food intolerance? Are you currently eliminating a food group? Are you stuck on a restrictive diet for symptom relief? As a Nutritionist who specialises in the management of food intolerance, and a life-long sufferer of digestive issues, I understand. First, let me say that I am pleased with the increased awareness […]

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Sydney Massage Therapist On Bio-electric Therapy

Sydney massage therapist

Bioelectric massage also known as Bio-electric therapy is currently being practised by Sydney massage therapist Julie J Rekha. She has been helping her clients cope with pain and stress in an effective way since the start of the pandemic. This innovative treatment is relaxing, detoxifying, and alkalizing, in addition to providing endless health benefits and is an essential service for […]

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How to Improve Sleep Cycle and Reduce Exhaustion with Bioelectric Massage

bioelectric massage

Women generally worry about sleep disorders due to its negative effects on the skin and increased irritability throughout the day. Often times it can lead to poor decision making at work and at home causing us to stress unnecessarily. We have recently discovered that Bioelectric Massage is one of the effective treatments that can support you to rest better. There are […]

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