How to Decorate Walls in Small Living Spaces

How to Decorate Walls in Small Living Spaces

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When living in a small home, planning to decorate walls in smaller spaces might sometimes feel restrictive and limited. It may often create a heavier look making the space seem much smaller than it is; this can be quite stressful.

However, there are a lot of approaches to make your small space feel impeccably organized.

The key is by utilizing the open spaces you have on your walls.

These vacant walls are loaded up with potential possibilities.

Making some changes can even make the smallest condo feel comfortable and stylish than congested.

Regardless of your choice of style, below are some simple tips and trick that would up the interior walls of your house.

For this, you do not require any sort of expensive decoration from the market.

All you need is an active and creative mind.

Look around you, there are a lot of things that probably are not in use.

So, why not make something new out of your old household items?

1- Create A Wall Gallery

Nothing adds more personality in the room like a full collection of photographs, art, or even other ephemera.

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You should simply opt for cohesive and simple frames that bring in an array of variables.

2- Showcasing Fabric

The inside wall decoration can include color and designs pattern, just as a feeling of delicateness to space.

Be more considerate in framing vintage scarves and another exquisite textile. What’s more?

It’s significantly less difficult when it comes time to relocate to your next home.

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3- Hang Mirrors

Not only do mirrors reflect light, it can make a small space feel a lot bigger and brighter.

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Most household window glass and mirrors tend to break so instead of throwing them away,  make it an art piece by gluing them on walls.

4- Painting A Mural On The Wall

Now is the time to flip the switch and transform your bland looking wall into a piece of art.

All you need to do is use the leftover paint in the house. Mix and blend for a unique colour combo.

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5- Hanging Antique Plates

Use wire plate holders to show your most loved dishes and serving platters.

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6- Adding Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural sconces include an additional source of light without taking up much space on the floor or a side table.

All you need to do is pick a plan that ought to bring light and style to the wall structure.

For this, you can use spare papers, cut them into circles and glue them in a row.

Make sure that the circles overlap.

7- Bringing In The Plants

Plants are not only for your front-yard or the windowsill.

You can place them against the wall for a bold look.

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8- Weaving Texture

If you are one of those people that knit a lot, then this is just the right wall decor for you.

You often are left with extra woolen strings lying around in the house.

Adding a weaving texture in your house walls ought to warm up the ambiance.

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9- Hooks And Pegboards

Are you short on closet space? Install pegboards and hooks to the wall and show off your practical and striking display.

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10- Hanging Up Your Favorites

The wall mounted hooks and pegboards aren’t just for things that don’t fit in your closet anymore.

Try hanging up your guitar collection instead.

11- Cork board

Still looking for a functional way of hanging up your fashion mood boards, photo frames, or your striking collection?

Try opting for a cork board wall, it just might be the perfect place for playing with the visuals.

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12- Add Wooden Ledges

Short on space? This is especially for the people who like to indulge themselves in DIY ventures.

You might have extra planks of wood in your garage.

Why not use them to hang your picture-perfect memories?


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13- Show Off You Collection Of Book

Book lovers usually love the look of a well-organized bookshelf but still why use display them in bulky bookcases?

Add wall mounted ledges and show off your book collection.

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14- Dried Flowers

Try dried flowers as display and add some essential oils as potpourri.

Never throw out dead flowers and leaves again!

15- Window Blinds

Are you planning to upgrade blinds just because the older ones have started to malfunction?

Well, before you plan on discarding the old window blinds there are some other things that you need to do before you throw them in the trashcan.

The window blinds planks can be used for many purposes. Some of them are.

  • Cleaning up the crumbs off the table
  • Picking up the tape where you left off
  • They help in drawing straight line around the curve
  • They can be used to clean paint grooves

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16- Fruits And Vegetable Crates

As simple as they look, the wooden crates can turn out to form an insane wall display.

They offer plenty of storage space for your collectibles.

17- Glass Calendar Wall

Let’s suppose you have just replaced the glass of your front door.

Cut the glass in a square and hang it on the wall.

18- Tape Up The Pictures

As we used hooks, cork board, and pegboard to hang our collectibles, this is another way to put picture perfect memories on the wall without paying the price for frames.

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19- Reconsidering The Floor coverings

Smaller mats and rugs (the vintage rugs) are considered to be an awesome way to bring a focal point to the room.

20: Keep it Simple But Elegant

Hanging your artwork frames in a simple line on the wall.

How to Wall Decorate Small Living Spaces

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