How To Design A Stunning Beautiful DIY Garden

How To Design A Stunning Beautiful Garden

You don’t have to be a pro landscaper to design a beautiful garden. With a few easy DIY projects you can take your outdoor living spaces from boring grass patch to decorative and debonair. Find out the rules for beginners when designing your beautiful DIY garden, plus 7 easy features you can do for yourself.

4 Steps To A Gorgeous Garden
First: Plan out your gardening purpose

Before you get brainstorming what you want your garden to look like, think about what you want to use it for. Pricey or delicate water fountains aren’t recommended for the kids and a sandpit has no point in your adult relaxation retreat. Consider your family situation, whether its a space for pets or you just want to entertain outdoors. These decisions will help decide the vibe your garden should provide.

Second: Sort out the sun

Just because red roses would look beautiful beside your bay window doesn’t mean it’s the best place for them. All plants need different levels of light to survive. Map out the sun’s movements across your garden and create a blueprint of where gets the most-least sun. Don’t worry if you have few dark corners – you could always decorate with sculptures and rock gardens instead.

Third: Take it one project at a time

The thing that TV design gurus don’t mention is the team of workers who helped them pull off that big reveal in a single episode. Take your time with your own garden. Make a list and priorities your projects so you’re not left feeling stressed about how much there is to do. Working consistently is better than throwing all your efforts in at once and giving up if it takes too long.

d.i.y garden and landscape designs

Easy d.i.y projects

Fourth: Be open to new ideas

The only obstacle to your garden design is your imagination. You may begin with a picture in your head and find it doesn’t fit the layout or lighting that your garden area provides. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bring your vision to life. Keep an open mind and look for other ways to incorporate the colours, textures and features you love.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
d.i.y garden and landscape designs

Stunning at night

Christmas isn’t the only time to string lights around the house. Add an everlasting twinkle to your outdoor space with strings of fairy lights. Wrap them around a tree, decorate the garden fence or string them along your garden path.

Go grunge with moss graffiti

It’s a relatively new trend on the urban design scene but there’s already a heap of tutorials available online. If growing your own wall moss seems like too much effort there’s a shortcut for the same effect. Speed up your DIY project – and avoid ongoing maintenance – with a roll of luxe-look fake grass. All you need to do is create a template to cut out your desired design then mount to the walls.


Prep it for the colder months

Turn your garden into a dazzling Winter space with a cosy fire pit. You can find affordable options for portable outdoor heaters and fire pits in garden stores or online. Just add a stylish outdoor lounge for a campfire setup at home. It’s the perfect atmosphere for mulled wine and stargazing.

Dress up your herbs into decor

Herb gardens are an essential if you love to cook, but how do you keep them from looking cluttered? Instead of leaving multiple pot plants scattered in a corner, organise them with a step ladder. Start by painting an old ladder or bookcase in whichever colour you desire. If it will be out in the elements then be sure to use weatherproof outdoor paints. Pop your herb pots on each ladder rung or shelf and label them using chalk.

Embrace new textures with a rock garden

Landscape design requires a mix of textures and colours to really shine. Used creatively, rocks and succulents can bring both elements to your garden. For a gorgeous DIY project fill a bird bath or large planter with hardy plants and decorative stones. They’re a great solution to a low-light area of your garden that you don’t want to leave bare.

Take your shed from basic to beautiful

Most basic garden sheds fall into the eyesore category. They were made for functionality and not style. Turning a simple shed into an artwork is all about camouflage. Find yourself a fast growing trellis plant and mount it to your shed walls. Soon you’ll be looking at a masterpiece instead of a storage unit.

From garden to gallery using artistic antiques

Not every garden space was created the same. If you have more fence-space than soil then it’s time to get creative with your planters. You can still fill your backyard with flowers by potting small varieties in anything from a bicycle to a bird cage, gumboots, hanging buckets or tiny teacup gardens.

Professional landscapers are great at building the foundations of your garden. They can help with big jobs like laying grass or building flower beds. But, once the foundations are in place, there’s nothing stopping you from designing the rest. With so many small DIY projects just right for beginners the only question left is when to get started.

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