The Shocking Secrets To Creating A Facebook Page

The Shocking Secrets To Creating A Facebook Page

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When it comes to creating a Facebook page, it isn’t always an easy task for growing your business but there are certainly many ways to make it a success.

And taking into account that Facebook continuously changes its algorithms, you will really have your work cut out for you as noted on

They have also identified that Facebook organic post reach has been declining for many years as shown here.

All these changes could have a huge impact on you as business owners, and you will have to constantly think of new ways to increase your Facebook page visibility and performance.

To help you succeed, here are 13 tips to stay ahead of the game and keep winning.

1. Make Your Content 110% Useful for Your Audience

Give value and understand what their needs are by solving a problem for them.

And how you deliver the solutions can be done in these three simple techniques:

First, create videos that people can relate to and have a profound meaning in your message.

Psychology says that it takes anyone about 3 seconds to show an interest in a video so right from the start make it attractive, professional and entertaining.

Don’t focus too much only on selling. It’s more important to show your followers that you’re giving value and want them to learn more about your industry and not just your product.

For creating great videos you can use online video makers, like Renderforest.

It is easy and user friendly meaning all the engineering and hard work has been done for you.

Simply choose from a variety of layouts, insert your contents and select a music.

Then hit the preview button and Renderforest will instantly produce a professional video in minutes.

Second, ask questions using Facebook polls. Polls are a good way for increasing post engagement.

Be sure to give the right answers after the poll ends.

And although videos are getting more views than images, you can still use them in your Facebook posts.

Use interesting stats in your niche and place them in a well-designed pic.

Remember, everyone loves useful and entertaining posts.

Finally, don’t copy and paste from others without giving credit to the source.

This is something that is regularly happening. Be inspired but don’t steal contents from others.

Make something unique for yourself. And if you really need to use something whether it is an image, music or stats, always give credit to the source.

2. Regularly Update Your Information

Shockingly many Facebook pages do not update their details when it actually serves as their business directory.

Make sure these are accurate and current.

  • address and map
  • description
  • foundation date
  • business type
  • contact information (including email address, phone numbers and websites)
  • Our Story
  • company overview

Show that you are an existing and legitimate business at all times.

3. Use Facebook Insights Wisely

Make use of the data that Facebook Insights provides for targeting and marketing to your right audience.

Here is a shortlist:

  1. Page views, reviews, likes, reach, recommendations, post engagements and followers
  2. Audience behavior, buying patterns, demographic and geographic locations
  3. Posts reach for both organic and paid strategy. Here you can also add custom timing, to understand post reactions better.
  4. Traffic source like Google or your website etc.
  5. Activity details such as “Get Direction Clicks”, “Website Clicks” and “Action button clicks”.
  6. Post Engagements and Shares
  7. If you often hold events, it will show”People Reached”, “Event Page Views” and more.
  8. Videos Performance and Engagements

There are also other statistics that you can find when going through Facebook Insights to help you make better marketing decisions.

4. Don’t Try to Sell your Product with Each Post

Offer diversity. People don’t like seeing a sales pitch on every single posts.

They love to hear your story more than what you are selling.

They love to see you celebrate your employees birthdays and how you are as a company from a social aspect.

Here are good examples of brands that promote relationships among their people.

facebook page


Remember, majority of people love to see what your company values are before they purchase from you.

5. Testing is A Huge Thing!

When it comes to testing there is always a lot to do.

Testing is important in every field of Marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a SEO specialist or a Social Media Manager, you need to test your strategies for understanding how your tactics benefits your business.

In Facebook, you can do lots of tests for understanding how your followers interact with your posts.

Let’s talk about several things that you can test out on Facebook and make your posts better:

  • Headlines of your posts, are they eye catching and interesting?
  • Videos, do they actually work for each type posts. You can use online video makers for creating your videos. We highly recommend checking out Renderforest.
  • Date and times of your posts. Again, analyzing the Facebook Insights feature will help you further.
  • Short links VS Direct links. This can also affect your post engagement. Try several different kinds of URLs and compare.

There are also many other methods that a Facebook marketing expert can help you.

6. Be Super Responsive and Earn the Badge

It doesn’t matter if they are a potential customer or have something to ask you.

Be polite to everyone and respond as fast as possible.

You can turn on notifications on your Mobile device so you’ll get notified immediately.

If you’re super responsive to your messages, Facebook will give you a “Very Responsive to messages badge, which shows that they don’t have to wait too long for a response.

Here is an example:


7. Respond To Comments Positively

In general people like writing comments especially if the post has an emotional connection and share or tag their friends who would enjoy the post.

It is very much a word of mouth but on social media.

So reply all comments and reviews in the best professional manner.

It will increase your engagement rate. Also, a great tip for managing what is said on the comment sections – go to your page settings and look for the profanity filter or page monitoring and blacklist as many bad words and negative phrases that you want to avoid.

It only takes one bad apple to spread like plague so prevention is better than cure!


facebook page


8. Enable “Reviews” and Pay Close Attention

Reviews are awesome!

For example, when you’re about to buy jeans from store X, you will most likely ask someone you know that have bought from that store, depending on their response, your buying decision will largely weigh on their recommendation.

So, in the digital world, the feedback is your go to feature when identifying areas for improvement.

Want feedback on how your brand is serving others? Read your reviews!  This will help you improve your business and how you provide your services.

Here is a quick guide for enabling Facebook reviews on your page.


facebook page

9. Follow Current Trends In Your Niche

Checking out trends in your niche and making regular updates for your fans is a good idea.

If you’re not aware of the trends for the social channel that you’re working with, then you will need to do a little research.

Use the right techniques for the best results.

You can follow updates for Social Channels on Buffer blog, MarketingLand and other Marketing news websites.

10. Increase Your Facebook Likes For Credibility

The best way to organically get more likes to your page is to target those who are already engaging in your personal Facebook profile and their friends.

People who are familiar with you are more likely to like your page and add their friends to your page.

For paid options, you will be able to target in more detailed of your potential fans.

Based on their interest, behaviors and demographics. You may need to discuss these paid options with a Facebook marketing expert before attempting to advertise.

11. Be Human and Authentic

Being personal isn’t only about posting pics from your employees’ lives or corporate meetings.

It means to be authentic with your followers. Make your your audience see that you value them.

You can show that personal approach by writing friendly comments.

Communicate with your followers and use emojis, people love those expressive characters.

Always end your messages with your name. You can use a nickname, as long as the recipient feels like they are speaking to a real person.

12. Conduct Converting Live Webinars

Running a successful webinar may seem difficult and it does take a lot of preparations but as cliche as it sounds, the hard work is always worth the effort.

It can be more helpful than you will ever imagine.

Invite well-known people in your industry and ask them interesting questions so they can give valuable information to your followers.

Facebook Live is a great solution for running webinars because when you go live, people have instant access to your content.

Make sure these are also in your checklist:

  • Pick a topic and give as much valuable information as possible.
  • Check the Facebook Insights for times when most of your followers are likely to be online.
  • Create an online event and promote it. Place photos and the description of the event in detail.
  • If you have a subscribers’ email list, send them an email to get online.
  • Offer Giveaways for staying till the end of your video
  • Always have a call to action whether it is to sign up or follow a link.
13. Keep An Eye On Competitors

See what your competitors are doing that meets the need of your audience.

What contents are working well? Maybe you can make better ones.

Analyze reviews for advantages and disadvantages of their product and services. Join Facebook groups and collaborate.

You are not necessarily enemies and can still remain civil by supporting one another.

What do they place differently on their Facebook page that may interest your market?

Check their profiles and analyze trends to make your product better without appearing like a copy cat.

You need to be providing your followers with original and valuable information at all times. Good luck!


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