The 7 Fabulous Tips on Fashion Styling For Millennials

good fashion styling

Good fashion styling for millennia is all about you and your individuality. Since fashion has now moved into a new era, the convention is out and originality and eccentricity is in. Your unique wardrobe staples do exist but letting go of our inhibitions and allowing different tastes and styles direct our overall look is now the new “norm”. People are beginning to embrace their uniqueness through their clothing.

This movement has had several impacts across the fashion industry, we are seeing the revival of vintage pieces, an expected level of quality, clothing lines incorporating sustainability and beautifully crafted long-lasting pieces.

The value of exquisitely crafted clothing has made vintage and sustainable sensitive pieces a priority within the fashion world. High quality clothing and accessories can now be considered pieces of art and become heirlooms.

fashion styling for millennia

Online stores selling used goods, such as Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal, are growing in popularity as consumers search for unique, well-made vintage pieces they can incorporate into their modern wardrobes.

To compliment one-off sustainable fashion pieces, there has been a surge in “it girl” items and quick cool accessories straight off the rack. This has influenced fast fashion high flyers to churn out creative clothing with flair whilst integrating environmentally conscious lines.

Social media and the intuitiveness and ease of eCommerce shopping has also allowed artisan designers to emerge and gain traction in the industry, as consumers continue their search for beautiful pieces that embody their personalities and will last the ages.

Well-known brands like Gucci, under the direction of Alessandro Michele, have moved away from refined, conservative, or sexy pieces, and instead lean towards eccentric, fun, and crazy pieces, sparking consumers creativity and providing an opportunity for designer lovers to express themselves with high end pieces.


The questions begs, if we’ve only ever shopped at a department store or followed trends, how do we begin to incorporate our own taste and style.


1.Start small and mix it up

Don’t go hitting up your local savers store just yet! Begin researching on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, and YouTube and find out how other fashion lovers bring their own style to life. Do you connect with their style? Are there ways you can incorporate any tidbits into your wardrobe.

If you’ve always shopped at the one department store and don’t want to move away from that, it’s okay! Retailers are beginning to embrace low-end and high-end pairings, and releasing completely different ranges by collaborating with big names. Think Versace and H&M and Carine Roitfeld X Uniqlo.
Mix this into your own wardrobe by pairing a pair Zara heels with vintage denim and a Dolce & Gabbana bag.

  1. Take your time and Research

We are all constantly changing making it almost impossible for fashion not to evolve. As we develop passions, make new friends, and grow up, our taste and style begins to evolve as well.
It’s best to take your time when building your wardrobe, don’t rush out and blow your budget in one go. Make educated decisions about the longevity of a piece. In saying that, the occasional sporadic splurge is okay, we are human after all!

Also very important to do your research and find brands you connect with. What look embodies your taste? What brands share the same style? What will work with your current wardrobe? Go ahead stroll down the news-feed and buzz online.
There’s an abundance of information available, so spend some time before shelling out the dime!

  1. Embrace everyone’s taste –

This should go without saying but worth a brief reminder! In a world where the new norm is staying true to ourselves, and expressing ourselves through our clothing, everyone should reserve judgement and learn to love everyone for who they are.

  1. Sell it or give it away, don’t trash it

If you’re starting to spring clean your wardrobe to make way for new pieces that showcase your personality, don’t throw your clothes in the bin!
Choose clothes that are still in good condition and have good use for those in need or are resalable. Wash the clothes, sort what you’d like to give away and what you’d like to sell and wait for your heart to swell. There’s nothing like charity, especially knowing you’re giving others a fresh new wardrobe when they may need it most.

  1. Don’t take it too seriously – forget some old trends

Fashion is an added joy in life! It’s something we can use to take us away from our everyday routine and get creative. Don’t let it stress you out or feel pressure to constantly update your wardrobe.
Stick to what’s best for you, what you can afford and what makes you happy.

There is no doubt the rise of fast fashion makes it easy to fall into the trend trap, but now mixing, matching, and entwining different types of clothing is socially acceptable, if not expected.
If the latest trend doesn’t work for you, then don’t wear it. Accessories your wardrobe staples with pieces that show the real you.

fashion styling for millennia

  1. Don’t dress for anybody else

A fashion blogger favorite is the Man Repeller because of her unique, not-traditionally-feminine style, that she completely embraces and wears confidently and beautifully.
She is intelligent, has impeccable taste, is refreshingly honest on her blog and is a fantastic example of staying true to yourself.

  1. If you love it, keep it

Clothing has become a piece of art that can be handed down for generations, though it’s not the first time we’ve seen luxe heirloom clothing on the scene. Children of the 80’s are now reaping the rewards if their parents’ kept their shoulder padded jackets, dresses and blouses. Others are lucky enough to rifle through their Grandmother’s brooch collection and embellish their modern winter jacket!

If you have something you absolutely adore and can’t live without, keep it and pass it down when you’re ready!

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